Principle of color composition in the design of the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

1. The warmth of the color of the warm and warm sensor depends mainly on the hue, which is also related to the purity of the brightness. Generally speaking, red, orange, and yellow are warm colors; blue, green, blue purple are cold colors; green and purple are neutral colors.

The warmth of color is relative, such as purple compared to red, purple is colder; while purple and blue, purple looks warmer. Highly brightness, low purity, coldness, low brightness, and high purity and warmth. The warm color furniture placed indoors in winter makes people feel warm; cold -colored furniture in cold drinks in summer makes people cool and quiet.

2. The progress of the color of the exhibition cabinet is related to the color, lightness and purity. It can be summarized as warm near, cold and far; bright near, dark far; pure, ash is far away; vivid near, vague far; comparison and closeness.

Gives cold and warm color to the two showcases of the same shape. The warm color showcase is larger than the cold color showcase. In the case where the area of ​​residence is small, the showcase furniture uses cold color to adjust the psychological sense of space.

3. The sensation and contraction sensation are mainly related to the hue and lightness. Generally speaking, the warm color of high degree of warmth will look larger than the actual and closer, so it is called expansion or forward color; the cold color with low brightness is low; It seems that it will feel smaller than the actual, and it is relatively backward, so it is called contraction or back color.

In the colorless system, the white is expanding, and the black is shrinkable. 4. In terms of excitement and quietness, red, orange, and yellow are excited, green, blue, blue and purple color have a quiet sense, green and purple are neutral; in terms of brightness, the high brightness is shocked by excitement, low -brightness color, and low brightness color.

It has a sense of sinking; in terms of purity, high purity color is excited, low purity color has a quiet feeling. The degree of comparison of color combination directly affects excitement and calmness, and the strong is easy to excite people. 5.

The gorgeous and simple sense of gorgeous and simplicity showcases is mainly affected by hue, followed by purity and brightness. The warm and bright and bright colors of red, yellow, yellow, and bright and bright colors are gorgeous, and the cold and turbid colors such as green and blue have a simple sense. There is a sense of color, and the colorless system has a simple sense.

The color matching color is relatively strong. Using gold and silver is a common method of adding color gorgeousness. 6.

Brightness and melancholy are related to the contrast of hue, lightness, purity, and color matching. Warm color, high brightness, and high purity color are bright and pleasant; cold, low -brightness, and low purity are melancholy. In no color, black and dark gray can easily make people feel melancholy, and white and light gray can easily make people feel bright.

The contrasting color is bright and pleasant, and the weak color is melancholy. The combination of solid color and white combination is easy, and the combination of turbid colors and black is easy to melancholy. 7.

In psychology, the phenomenon that causes other sensations is called the sense. For example, when appreciating an excellent color art work, it seems to be able to "listen" from it to music written in color; when appreciating a beautiful and beautiful music, you seem to be able to "see" the color described by the note. This is the so -called "color listening" calm sense.

The feelings that color brings to us is psychological to the reaction of foreign objects. As Zhu Guang's potential {Tan Mei Shu Jian} said: "When we appreciate the stiffness of the face, we can't help sitting and imitating his dignity and energy; when we admire Zhao Zi, we can't help but loosen the muscles and imitate his chic and graceful. attitude.

There are multiple connections and methods between natural objects, creative subjects, and appreciation subjects. The color beauty of the natural object is diverse, and the psychological form of the appreciation subject is diverse, so it stipulates that the color beauty of the creative body is diverse. "Liu Zongyuan said:" Beauty is not self -self, because of people.

"The personal cultivation and knowledge of the aesthetic subject and its culture are different, and the level of appreciation of color beauty is different. The feelings caused by color are unsure, and it will vary with the environment and mood of the aesthetic subject.


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