Why do some museums prohibit taking pictures

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Nowadays, cameras and mobile phones are popular. We do n’t take two photos when we go out to play. I feel that the circle of friends feels in vain, but some museums not only do not let the camera flash off the lights, but also do not let it be taken.

Is this too much? Too much. Why does this happen . Now, today, cameras and mobile phones are popular, we do n’t take two photos when we go out to play, and send a circle of friends and feel that it is nothing, but some museums not only do not let the camera flash off the lights, but even Don't let take pictures yet, is this too much too much.

Why does this happen, is it considered in the protection of cultural relics? Today, we will explore the secrets with the museum showcase manufacturers. In our archeological history, there are very, very, very regrets, which can be described as "seeing light dying". For example, the female corpse of Ma Wangdui is not rotten for thousands of years.

When it was first unearthed, it was "lifelike", but when the coffin was opened, the light met at first sight of the light met. When it comes to air, it quickly oxidized and became what it looks like now. It was terrible and felt a fake female corpse; the archeologists of Ma Wangdui found a complete fresh lotus piece in a fruit plate of the coffin storage items, but when I was brought up Shake, but the lame slices disappear miraculously.

For plant biology research, it has lost an important physical evidence and research information that is difficult to reproduce; there is also the dragon robe of the Emperor Wanli, and it becomes ashes at first sight. There are too many regrets. The cultural relics of the old ancestors have to be carried out carefully.

Some museums are not allowed to turn on flash, or even take pictures. It is determined by the special characteristics of the cultural relics of museums. Many cultural relics, especially organic cultural relics in the museum, are sensitive.

Ordinary natural light and light will cause more or less harm to it, but the power of the flash is far greater than the general light source, which will cause serious cultural relics to cause serious cultural relics. Damaged. Therefore, because of the so -called needs of cultural relics, it is not allowed to open the flash, and even simply not allows to take pictures.

Of course, some museums are prohibited from taking pictures of the copyright, souvenir or replica sales protection of cultural relics. Other museums are prohibited from taking pictures because of the requirements for ensuring high quality appreciation of artworks, avoiding countless people taking pictures, affecting the quality of appreciation. I only know to take pictures in the museum and do n’t know how to appreciate the beauty of cultural relics.

This is the most stupid behavior. If you just want to see the photos, you can just go to the photo at home. Why do you need to go to the museum? In short The protection of cultural relics, and as tourists, we must consciously abide by the rules of the museum.

Everyone is responsible for protecting cultural relics. .


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