Jewelry showcase Reasonable production techniques

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The manufacturing of the jewelry showcase is in terms of materials: the showcase is a combination of hardware accessories, the cabinet body, and the door of the cabinet door. The water -stop surface has a special water -stop design, so that the water on the table is not easy to fall on the counter cabinet. The distance between the good showcases should ensure the delay of passenger flow.

Small stores are not titled to set up the sticker wall of the store door. Large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc. should The volume of the type of operation to calculate the fair distance.

Normally, the main channel should be. Jewelry store design Jewelry showcase design In terms of color: Jewelry showcase color design should be simple, too much color changes cause visual fatigue, but it can not achieve a prominent and eye -catching role. Using the specification color and similar color in the company's logo, it can handle the above title very conveniently.

The color design of the logo has strong accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, the selection of colors is the most harsh and rigorous in all artistic shapes. It must be in line with the nature of the company's products.

Which product has the characteristics of which color, which color must be used to express the performance to express It; it has always been simple in terms of simplicity, and another personal scale of the color selection of jewelry display cabinets is simple, just like people with clothes, do not surpass three colors. The right color makes people positive, dark, relaxed, and pleasant; inappropriate colors are the opposite, which makes people feel negative, depressed, heavy, tired. The lighting color of the indoor is not ignored by the crackdown of people's minds.

Therefore, the use of indoor lighting color should pay attention to the coordination of each other, integrate into the slogan color of the merchant, and enhance the brand abstraction. It is conducive to setting up products, enhancing product value, and thinking about the consumption behavior and habit of standing in your customer group. Easy to add customer quantity and increase sales.

The manufacturing of the jewelry showcase jewelery showcases on the lighting noodles: halogen lights consume large power, hot yellow light. Small power consumption, cold light white light. According to your needs for light color.

The lighting design of the showcase first comes from the top light source. The inner side of the jewelry display cabinet is mostly used to improve the overall brightness. In addition, the front side of the counter is almost two corners and multi -device cold light as supplementary light sources to improve the flat sense of jewelry.

Especially the jewelry showcase, the angular texture of the diamonds through the corner's shooting lights has always aroused the desire to buy. The products sold in jewelry stores are more expensive than that of their names, and they must highlight the crystal clear effect. The dazzling effect can better set the noble quality of the jewelry.

The top surface gold halide lamp and shooting lights are important light sources, and the island cabinet is lighting through the light band lighting to improve the all -light in the clothing area. .


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