How to highlight the color performance of the design of the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

It is difficult and necessary for how to use color to fully show the theme of the product in the design of the showcase design. This requirement not only requires the designer to use it freely, but also requires the producer of the showcase to be able to master the color matching and change. The color language designed by the showcase is based on the theme of the showcase.

The visual theme that means in color is to quickly express the intention of its jewelry showcase, and to create a unique atmosphere of the showcase. The theme of the showcase is mainly to express the content of its jewelry showcase through color display, in the theme color application“Pepsi”When the brand's product characteristics of the showcase, through the use of a large amount of color, to convey its theme characteristics, to set out the inherent characteristics of its products, and then achieve the purpose of its product promotion. Jewelry shop design 1.

The use of color temperature to express the theme characteristic. Color is a sense of temperature. The warm color system is prone to stretching, and the cold color system is generally prone to tightening sensation.

Using color has the characteristics of temperature, you can make full use of this psychological characteristics when the theme characteristics of the showcase product. 2. The use of color happiness to raised the theme characteristics of different colors can make people feel different emotional feelings, either happy or quiet.

Usually warm color such as red, orange, and yellow is high and high, and the saturation is high. The contrast is strong. On the contrary, the lightness of the cold color such as blue, green, and purple is low, and it is weak.

It gives a sense of calmness. Modern jewelry showcases make full use of high -tech means to make the audience intervene in interaction to achieve the purpose of the showcase. Among them, the principle of color stimulus to mobilize the emotions of the visitors as one of the important means jewelry showcases 3.

Use the contrast of color to make up the theme of the display cabinet. To improve the effect of the showcases of such exhibits, the gorgeous sense of color comparison should be used to fully express the taste characteristics of the exhibits. For example, exhibitors of those exhibits such as gold and silver jewelry, high -end cosmetics, craft gifts, etc.

, they also need to rely on the contrast of color to settle the high sense of the exhibits. The jewelry showcase, the dark red tone is matched with bright metal decoration inlaid showcases, which forms a strong comparison with the nearby environment. In this strong contrast, the exhibit cabinet is bright and eye -catching, making the exquisite and noble theme more raised.


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