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Why museum exhibits need to be equipped with constant temperature and humidity system?

Oman National Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview:The Oman National Museum is built in the royal decree in 2013, and opened in July 30, 2016, the museum is located in the center of Muscat, a total construction area of 13700 square meters, of which 4000 square meters to accommodate 14 permanent exhibition hall. It includes the Land and the People's hall, Ocean history exhibition hall, Weapons and Armor, Aflaj Exhibition Hall, Currency Exhibition Hall,  Prehistory and Ancient History, Islamic Treasures, Oman and the World, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Renaissance, etc.  The museum has more than 6,000 exhibits and an additional 400 square meters for temporary exhibitions. 

As a showcase brand with global influence, DG works with and assists the National Museum of Oman to show the cultural heritage of Oman since the first settlement of the peninsula two million years ago, and to ensure that the cultural heritage of Oman is understood and appreciated both in the Sultanate and internationally.

Products we supplied:eMuseum wall showcase, Museum upright showcase, Museum flat showcase,Constant temperature and humidity museum display case, low reflection museum display case

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation and installation

Before contacting DG display showcase, the National Museum of Oman searched and collected a lot of information on the internet about museum exhibit suppliers and finally chose to cooperate with us among dozens of suppliers. The National Museum of Oman has 14 permanent exhibition halls, and DG display showcase is mainly responsible for the exhibition halls that display ceramics, metals, textiles and other artifacts. Because cultural relics are objects left over from years of history and have a certain value in the history of cultural development, scarcity and preciousness are the general characteristics of cultural relics. Therefore, our ability to provide an excellent storage environment for the collection was the most important point of concern for the National Museum of Oman and DG display showcase throughout the cooperation process.

DG display showcase's design team and R&D team designed and built various types of display cases for the National Museum of Oman through in-depth communication with its director and designers, including built-in museum display cases, museum stand cases, museum countertop cases, and we also produced large low-reflective glass enclosures for displaying exquisite porcelain, as well as innovative hanging display cases with a retractable sliding opening system.

As we all know, the humidity and temperature of the storage environment of cultural relics can produce irreversible damage to the relics if the fluctuation amplitude is drastic. Therefore, whether it is the state-owned nature of the museum, exhibition hall, personal art hobby collection, or family inheritance of art collection, all have strict requirements for the storage environment of the collection. Therefore, we also give each display cabinet are installed constant temperature and humidity system, to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the display cabinet can be controlled within a reasonable range, to reduce unnecessary damage to the exhibits. Different materials of cultural relics whose storage environment temperature and humidity requirements are also different, the following to give you a number of cultural relics of the temperature and humidity standards for your reference:

Wooden lacquer: the appropriate temperature is 15 ~ 25 ℃, relative humidity 55 ~ 65% RH 

Oil painting: the appropriate temperature for the temperature 16 ~ 18 ℃, relative humidity RH50 ~ 55% RH 

Painting and calligraphy: suitable temperature is 16~18℃, relative humidity RH50~55%RH

Bronzes: suitable temperature is 15~25℃, relative humidity RH42~46%RH 

Cultural relics and antiquities, documents, inscriptions: suitable temperature 16~18℃, relative humidity RH50~55%RH

Weaving embroidery: suitable temperature is 16~18℃, relative humidity RH45~65%RH

DG display showcase from the March 2018 to participate in project, to the end of the project in July 2018, has maintained a professional service standard, not only in the museum display case function and style to obtain the Oman National Museum of recognition, at the same time, we also provide customers with professional on-site installation guidance, maintenance and emergency measures training, to extend the service life of the museum display case, reduce unnecessary accidents. In the transport services and installation, we have also received unanimous praise.

DG display showcase can have such an outstanding performance, not only benefiting from the strength of the team and good management, but also more from the 100% support, cooperation and guidance given to us by the National Museum of Oman during the cooperation period. No matter in the design, production, transportation or installation stages, the marketing, design and production teams of DG Display Showcase seamlessly communicated and collaborated with the National Museum of Oman, and the strength of DG Display Showcase was raised to a higher level while the project was successfully completed.

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