French museum display cases design project

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French Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview:The museum was founded in 1974 to conserve and restore Polynesian artifacts and cultural practices.  The museum was constructed on Nu'uroa Point, which was already a historic location having been the site of the Taputapuatea marae and where the first evangelical mission settled. The interior area of the entire building is clearly divided, which fully displays the humanities, culture, and history of the museum. It is expected that this art history museum will be an important window for dialogue with world civilization and a magnificent palace to display human civilization.

Products we supplied: Museum wall showcase, museum freestanding showcase, museum flat showcase, museum inlay wall cabinets, museum constant temperature and humidity display showcase, museum glass display cabinets

Services we supplied: Design, proofing, production, shipping, installation

Through preliminary communication with the third-party service provider, DG Display Showcase understood that the French pavilion wanted to renovate the overall structure of the museum's interior, and because the project was very large, the pavilion was very strict in selecting the supplier. No matter the enterprise's performance, equipment management, human resource development, quality control, cost control, technology development, user satisfaction, delivery agreement, etc. were all in the scope of consideration. At the same time, the French pavilion made a request: first, send the samples to the peer manufacturers to do testing. From the initial contact to the sending of samples, after three times of repeated sampling-sample testing-confirming samples, through repeated discussions and careful selection, from size to style, combined with the actual work of the exhibition, fully considered the overall style of the exhibition, a period of two months of friction and communication, the French museum's team gave a very positive to DG display showcase. At the same time, the French museum's organizer commissioned a third-party professional factory inspection agency to visit DG display showcase industrial park in person. The third-party professional factory inspection agency was very satisfied with our comprehensive strength and service professionalism and conveyed the intention of cooperation to the French museum.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the French museum's organizer sent us photos of the interior of the museum before the renovation. During this period, DG display showcase listened carefully to the needs of the museum team through video conference and drew up specific plans for the space design of the collection storage area, display area, technical and office rooms, and visitor service facilities. Secondly, the French museum's organizer is very concerned about the details of the craft of display showcases and requires close to perfection in the shape and scale of display showcases. In order to make the display showcase seam, lines flush, proportional, smooth edges and corners, DG display showcase adopts a high-quality metal profile structure, and chooses high-quality rectangular pipe by fusion welding, so as to form 45 degrees right angle without shadow splicing; in order to make the display showcase glass and glass, glass and hardware, glass and laminated fully fit, DG display showcase to strictly control the size precision difference in plus or minus 1.5mm. At the same time, DG display showcase attaches great importance to the progress of the project during the production process, each part of the display showcase is checked by special personnel, and the finished products are strictly tested according to the requirements mentioned by customers. The professional packaging and the whole transportation process are monitored to ensure that the products can arrive at the pavilion safely and on time. In addition, in order to help customers restore the project plan perfectly on the basis of cost saving, DG display showcase has a master with more than 10 years experience in installation, through simulated installation guidance, to restore an impeccable scene effect for the pavilion.

After a full six months, DG display showcase finally created a brand new interior structure for the French museum through close communication with the French pavilion team and the adjustment and optimization of process details. The project is so important and long, it is the joint effort and dedication of the French Pavilion and DG display showcase. We are very grateful to the French Museum for their trust and recognition of DG display showcase, and we will always maintain the best service status to each of our clients, and consider every small request of our clients thoroughly to provide professional solutions and services to more museums.

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