High-End Luxury Jewelry Showcase Project In Morocco

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High-End Luxury Jewelry Showcase Project In Morocco



Project Briefing and Building Overview: As a frontrunner in the high-end jewelry industry, this brand upholds the essence of nearly a century of family tradition and exquisite craftsmanship, transforming precious jewelry into dazzling masterpieces, only to create a world of unparalleled beauty. At present, this brand operates 12 famous jewelry brands such as A.AUGIS, Becker, Ceranity, GuyLaroche, and 16 famous watch brands such as AVI-8, CALYPSO, CASIO, CYLDA, etc., adhering to the philosophy of "Elegance forges toughness, lightness interprets youth ". We provide a new service experience for modern fashion people.

Main products: Diamonds, rings, gemstone rings, pearl rings, gold rings, wristbands, necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, earrings, pendants, watches colored gemstones, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, chrysoberyl, amethyst, topaz, citrine, aquamarine, morganite, tourmaline

Products we supplied: Glass jewelry display showcase, glass jewelry boutique showcase, glass high showcase, jewelry intelligent lifting showcase, jewelry front showcase, jewelry vitrine showcase, jewelry island display showcase, jewelry curved showcase, jewelry wall showcase, jewelry upright showcase, VIP jewelry display showcase, jewelry props, jewelry materials, jewelry experience table, sofa, coffee table, checkout counter, small mirror, light box, picture frame, ceiling light, carpet, logo

Services we supplied: Design, Decoration, Production, Transportation, Installation

In September 2020, the client found DG through multiple channels such as the Internet and exhibitions, and saw that the project design pictures presented in DG display showcase were very luxurious and exquisite, so he approached our project manager to communicate with us. The client had some language barrier when communicating with us because of its unique language and culture, and this was the first time the client cooperated with us, so they had more concerns, and they had been examining us before the cooperation. However, the DG display showcase team did not neglect the client because of these difficulties. DG display showcase read every piece of information provided by the client carefully, and at the same time used the client's website information to find the client's style positioning. Through the preliminary information collection and analysis, DG display showcase accurately captured the needs conveyed by the client and learned that the stores currently operated by the client were of traditional design style, and the display space did not perfectly match the overall brand tone, making the entire store appear less unique and modern. After many internal discussions, the DG display showcase team fully integrated the client's ideas and brand concept and designed a set of prop display designs and a whole store design plan for the client that perfectly matched the theme of their store and was extremely exquisite and luxurious.

Secondly, the customer attaches great importance to the intelligent system and safety system of the showcase. In the whole project, including the wall showcases, sales area, and VIP area, we adopt the full intelligent lifting system according to the customer's requirements. At the same time, in order to strengthen the security system of the showcase, the glass of DG Display Showcase is all made of laminated bulletproof glass, which can effectively resist most of heavy hammers and other blows. What's more, DG display showcase's professional masters weld the surface of the case with their exquisite craftsmanship and use neutral environmental protection two-component sealant to bond the case and glass of the showcase to make it stable and firm and not easy to be sawed open. Considering that customers are miles away from us, not every time they can reach the site to visit their product production status and finished product effect. We will regularly share some pictures and videos of the production for our customers and also inform them that their products are going on smoothly as scheduled.

After the production was completed and tested, we actively assisted the customer in arranging transportation, and at the same time, we provided the customer with detailed installation steps and video explanations to facilitate the customer to proceed smoothly in the installation process. As expected by the customer, the overall installation effect restored the whole design concept to the greatest extent, even beyond the 3D design, compared with the previous display space and brand tone, DG Display Showcase for customers to provide props display and intelligent lift display design, instantly make the whole store image luxury but not lose elegance, space colorful but not messy, so that the overall brand tone and the overall space The overall brand color and the overall space are perfectly integrated, fully revealing the high-end and modern image of the brand. After the whole project was completed, it coincided with the customer's holiday, the customer not only successfully achieved the transformation of the brand image, but also won high praise from the brand leaders and consumers.DG display showcase would like to thank our Moroccan high-end jewelry customers for their trust and support, we will always adhere to the concept of heartfelt service, with the most professional service attitude and the highest quality and efficient work efficiency to give every customer who comes to DG display showcase.

In this project, the client was very concerned about the design effect of the display props and vitrine display. We all know that the jewelry props support not only the jewelry but also your brand quality. Vitrine props show not only the jewelry and your brand culture. And how to put a small jewelry, display a bright feeling? In addition to the specific location, the most important is that the overall color of the display with the theme of the brand, whether the color with the right matches, with the lighting support, will make a display design is rich in life charm, to attract more customers attention. In order to make our customers' display combinations more innovative and beautiful, DG display showcase provides customers with props and flat trays, which are all customized with high-quality velvet and the right space structure. The combination of triangular composition, curved composition, balanced composition, etc. helps our clients to improve the hierarchy of their displays.

In addition, there are 3 kinds of props we commonly use to display the way can add a few highlights of your store, learn it now: 

1. Seasonal display: Showroom design according to consumer demand display to adapt to the season and holiday needs of the goods, and with the changing seasons constantly adjust the display and color, to minimize the contrast between the environment inside and outside the store. This will not only promote the sales of seasonal goods but also make consumers produce a harmonious and natural environment, the psychological feeling of pleasure and smoothness.

2. Key display: Modern commercial space, a wide variety of goods, especially in large shopping malls, to make all the jewelry is the first time to be found is impossible, you can choose new products as the focus of the display, displayed in a special and prominent position, so that consumers in the first focus of attention to the goods, incidental attention to a large number of secondary products, so as to drive the purchase of secondary goods.

3. Artistic display: In the display, should maintain the independent beauty of the goods on the premise, through artistic modeling, so that a variety of goods clever layout, to achieve the overall artistic effect of beauty. Can be used image type, art word type, single double type, multi-layer type, balanced type, slope type, and other ways to combine placement, give the display of goods to elegant artistic taste and strong artistic charm, so as to produce a strong appeal to consumers.

Have you tried the above 3 kinds of prop display design? If you really can't find a clue, welcome to contact DG display showcase, we can according to your store style and brand concept, target for you to customize your exclusive design project.

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