Chow Tai Fook international high-end jewelry chain brand display project

Are you still worried about the rapid opening of stores leading to a shortage supply of jewelry display cabinets?

Chow Tai Fook international high-end jewelry chain brand display project

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Project Briefing and Building Overview: Established in 1929, Chow Tai Fook is a market leader in China's jewelry market. Over the past 90 years, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry has become the world's most trusted jewelry, having focused on mainstream jewelry and precious jewelry products, including jewelry settings, platinum/K-gold products, gold products, and watches. Chow Tai Fook has steadily grown in markets with different customer segments through its differentiation strategy and offers a personalized consumer experience. Through the provision of diversified products, services, and sales channels, the Group caters to their needs at different stages of life. The Group's differentiated brand strategy is centered on Chow Tai Fook's flagship brands, with the successive launch of targeted retail experiences and other individual brands such as HEARTS ON FIRE, ENZO, SOINLOVE, and MONOLOGUE, each of which carries the lifestyle attitudes and personalities of different customer segments. By September 2021, Chow Tai Fook will have 5,000+ retail locations in China.

Main products: 999.9 pure gold jewelry, natural diamonds, gemstones, jade, jadeite, South Sea pearls, Japanese pearl jewelry, jewelry inlay, platinum/K gold products, watches and clocks

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high showcases, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry island display showcases, jewelry curved cabinets, lion's head boutique window stand cabinets, round rotating bead display cabinets, jewelry wall cabinets, jewelry stand showcases, VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, picture frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

Chow Tai Fook Jewelry as a chain brand, the speed of opening stores is very fast. There will be shopping mall stores, also have street stores. There will be old stores renovation will also have new stores open. Store project area is usually relatively large, generally in 120 square meters, 200 square meters, 300 square meters or a larger area of the store, which the demand for jewelry display cabinets is also very large. In addition, the chain brand internal approval information process is cumbersome, layers of communication; need to interface with multiple people at the same time, so customers in the selection of jewelry display cabinet supplier is very concerned about whether the supplier production level is professional, whether there is sufficient storage capacity, and whether there is good understanding, communication and co-ordination ability. Customers fully understand the comprehensive strength of DG display showcase display showcase through online and offline comprehensive aspects to verify the good market reputation of DG display showcase and years of experience in cooperation, and at the same time to meet with DG display showcase senior management before cooperation. DG display showcase team can quickly understand the customer's intention and respond in a timely manner. The client recognized DG Display Showcase's business philosophy and corporate culture of doing what it says it will do, and finally chose DG Display Showcase to be the designated supplier for this project.

Before cooperating with DG Display Showcase, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry mostly adopted traditional brand image in store design, and the jewelry display case style and color matching were relatively traditional. With the development of the times, the traditional jewelry display cabinets, whether from the function or design, are unable to meet the needs of today's consumers. So DG display showcase mobilizes 8 designers with 8 years of brand service experience to cooperate with the customer to carry out the program design, while retaining the cultural elements of Chow Tai Fook jewelry brand, through the fashionable, high-end market trends of the jewelry counter for new design optimization, so that the entire store of Chow Tai Fook jewelry jewelry display showcase in retaining the core brand On the basis of retaining the core elements of the brand. It is more high-end, unique, and humanized, thus achieving the function of enhancing store sales. The client was very satisfied with the different styles provided by DG Display Showcase.

With the successful adoption of the design scheme, the project officially entered the production stage, and DG Display Showcase also ushered in new challenges.

First of all, the project delivery time was very tight, and the project information and requirements provided by the client were too fragmented, which led to a very big challenge in drawing deepening, production, and installation. 180 square feet of store, the client gave us only 25 days to really produce, which was a very tight time. From the moment the customer placed an order to confirm the drawing, the whole factory held an emergency process seminar, and the whole situation was coordinated and arranged. All departments divided the work and cooperated to urgently deploy highly professional staff and increase the number of craftsmen by one to work overtime for this project. Despite the difficulties, DG Display Showcase cooperated with brand clients and large projects for many years,  and through many video conferences with clients, DG Display Showcase used its professional industry experience to effectively discuss with clients many times and quickly implement solutions. The DG Display Showcase team finally withstood the pressure and challenges and finally finished as scheduled.

Secondly, it was necessary to make a large number of samples for customers to confirm back and forth. From the first time DG Display Showcase signed the order, DG Display Showcase's professional procurement team will summarize all the material samples of the customer and confirm with the customer as well as make sampling arrangements.DG display showcase has been cooperating with stable material suppliers for many years, so we can meet the requirements of proofing time quickly in the first time.

Then came the biggest challenge in this project: the production of lion's head and oval cabinets. In the program, we designed for the customer a novel shape of the lion's head cabinet and oval cabinet. Both of them are custom-made products, which are made for the first time and are equivalent to prototype products, meaning that the difficulty of the sample, the process, and the internal structure as well as the difficulty factor of production and installation are very high. The height of the lion's head cabinet of the window is up to 4 meters, and the overall glass and the storage cabinet itself are irregular shapes, considering the perfect seamless splicing of the internal structure glass and hardware, the lion's head cabinet is assembled with the perfect articulation of the ceiling at the scene, and the factory is assembled internally after 4 simulations to finally solve the process and assembly problems. The overall cabinet diameter of the circular rotating cabinet in the inheritance area is up to 2 meters, the counter is a 2-meter diameter circular laminated glass, the internal structure is intricate and complex, and at the same time to meet the function of rotation, this gives the cabinet process and structure of the challenge is very big. DG display showcase first called the production team-R&D team-engineering team-design team to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the process, seeking a breakthrough from the photo reference information provided by the customer, and discussing the process structure with the customer on-site video link. Then DG display showcase team quickly arranged the physical inspection first time, and after many attempts and efforts, finally helped the customer solve the process structure and installation problem perfectly in the shortest time.

The last thing is the installation problem. Due to the epidemic, our team was not able to install on-site, and the local installation team was not professional, so the customer was worried about the effect of the installation and the impact of the extended installation time on the opening. In order to solve this concern of the customer, the whole project from the production line to the installation closing stage, by DG display showcase professional installation team to film the entire installation process, at the same time with a good professional installation drawing, before the arrival of goods to the customer site, together with the customer to provide. At the same time, our installation team related personnel will also follow the whole process and communicate directly with the installation guidance by video while the customer is doing the on-site installation so that the customer's on-site installation will be completed as scheduled.

The successful cooperation of this project laid the foundation for a long-term friendly cooperation between the client and DG display showcase. In the video of the store opening, the customer mentioned: "Quality is reflected by details and user experience, the cabinets designed and made by DG display showcase for us are really very user-friendly and really consider every detail for our users. Although there is more than one good quality in the market, but really can be humane, for consumers to consider the problem of manufacturers, really only has DG display showcase this one. For this we feel very satisfied and moved, this is also we have always chosen to cooperate with DG display showcase reason."

DG display case is not only obedient to the clients, but also used to express the views in the face of the problems, discuss the solutions together, dare to express the real ideas and views in the face of unreasonable places, and have a high degree of responsibility to the client's projects, truly "think what the clients think, rush what the clients need, and solve the clients' worries". In addition to the successive return of orders, customers have also recommended many quality customers to us. DG Display Showcase would like to thank the brands for their trust and support, and we will always adhere to the concept of heartfelt service and provide the most professional service attitude and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG Display Showcase to help them realize their brand value and influence, and strive to create China's national brand in the field of display cases and the world's most powerful display case brand!

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