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HiHigh-end jewelry chain brand stores In India



Project Briefing and Building Overview: It is an India-based jewelry brand founded in 1993. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to providing high-quality, uniquely designed, and well-crafted jewelry to consumers worldwide. Today, the brand has become one of the largest gold retailers in India and has over 250 stores in several countries around the world. The brand offers a wide variety of jewelry styles in gold, diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and platinum. The brand is committed to designing unique, elegant, and modern jewelry to meet the different needs and preferences of consumers. It also pays long attention to the quality and craftsmanship of its jewelry, using high-quality materials and advanced production techniques in the jewelry making process to ensure the perfect quality of each piece of jewelry. As a socially responsible company, the brand actively participates in charitable causes and contributes to society. It regularly conducts various social activities and charitable donations to help those in need, and its brand image is highly recognized and appreciated by consumers as a result.

Main products: Gold necklaces, diamond bracelets, bracelets, gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, silver jewelry, rings, gemstone rings, gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, earrings, pendant rings, earrings, colored gemstones, jewelry set jewelry, platinum/K gold products

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high showcases, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry hanging cabinets, jewelry vertical display showcases,  VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, cashier tables, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, logos

Services we supplied: Production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

As a professional jewelry display case supplier, DG Display Showcase has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and innovative display case solutions. At the same time, we have been constantly striving and exploring, challenging ourselves to provide better services and products for our customers. In 2018, we started a cooperation project with a high-end jewelry chain brand in India, for which we designed and produced a batch of jewelry display cabinets. This is a very important cooperation, and DG display showcase has given full play to its advantages in the field of customized jewelry display cabinets to provide the best display solutions and services to our clients.

Firstly, customers contact us through a third party, and after understanding, the third party brings the end brand customer to DG Display Showcase directly for a meeting. As the preferred supplier of jewelry showcases for brand customers, we understand the requirements of our customers for customizing the showcase, so our professional team serves with heart and soul at every step. During the initial contact with the client, we first conducted an in-depth understanding and analysis of the client's needs. Then, DG Display Showcase's design team started the design work for the client's customized display case solution. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the customer's needs, brand image, and product characteristics, the design team provided a set of display case design solutions, taking into account various factors such as display effect, security, and ease of use. Subsequently, through discussions with the customer, some of the showcase styles were optimized and adjusted, and the best showcase design plan was finally determined.

The client as well as our team took this project very seriously. To ensure that the quality and appearance of each showcase met the client's expectations, we took a very cautious approach, i.e. we provided our client with a full range of proofing services before proceeding to mass production, and at the same time, after the proofing was completed, we invited the client to our jewelry showcase production factory for inspection, so that the client could personally see our showcases, and give valuable comments and suggestions. After seeing our showcases, our customers are very satisfied with our design, which is very innovative, with details in place, in line with customers' habits, and very suitable for displaying their brand jewelry products.

After the proofing was completed, the project also smoothly entered the stage of mass production and production. During the production process, DG Display Showcase always strictly follows the design scheme, maintaining high standards and high efficiency. Each display case has been checked and tested by our staff for many times to ensure that every detail is done to the best, and the quality and performance of each product are in the best condition. At the same time during the production period, we will also regularly share the project progress with customers, and timely communication in the production of problems, customers on our professionalism and service are expressed very recognized.

In addition to providing high-quality jewelry showcases, DG display showcase also provides customers with meticulous and thoughtful transportation and installation services. According to the customer's opening time, we reasonably arranged the transportation time, provided on-site installation and guidance services for the customer, and made detailed explanations to the display case users about daily maintenance, maintenance, and emergency measures. The customer spoke when we were ready to leave India: I am really very satisfied with this cooperation! Whether it is your professionalism and service, I am very pleased, I very much hope that our relationship can continue. I have plans to open a store in the next few years, so you should be ready for that!

Throughout the project, DG Display Showcase provided a one-stop service for production, installation, transportation, after-sales maintenance, and repair. Our team kept in close contact with the client during the project and was able to solve the client's problems and needs in a timely manner, which led to the successful completion of the project. This is not only due to the unremitting efforts of our team but also due to the guidance and trust of our clients. In future cooperation, DG Display Showcase will continue to provide better products and design solutions and create more value for our clients by taking the needs of our clients as our guide.

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