The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Jewelry Showcases: Types and Advantages!

Whether you are a jewelry store owner or a retail space designer, you must know the importance of display cases. They not only highlight the aesthetic aspect of your jewelry pieces but also protect them from potential damage or theft. 

Jewelry shop display counters come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Therefore, choosing the right one for your own space may become a headache if you don’t know a thing about display cases. But don’t fret! 

We are the experts, and we take the responsibility to ease your worries. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular types of luxury jewelry showcases. We will go through all their features and advantages, so you know the best before purchasing! 

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Types of Luxury Jewelry Showcase

Aesthetic and well-designed jewelry displays can influence your sales growth and present new ways of visual merchandising. Display cases are one of the most important fixtures for your high-end space.

Hence, knowing what type of display case you should get for your store will benefit you in the long run. Here are the four most popular types of display cases we craft and design for our customers at DG Display

1.Wall Display Cabinets 

Wall-mounted displays have been around for centuries, and they are excellent for saving space and drawing customers into your store. 

If you choose to go with an in-store wall-mounted case, you will save a ton of store space. They are easily installed into the walls of your intimate space, making it look more exquisite and spacious. 

This type of display often works well for small retail stores that are short on space but have tons of products to be displayed.  

You can also install customized wall-mounted cases to your store windows. Well-organized window displays are considered an effective visual merchandising tool. So, use your store windows to your advantage with the help of hanging cabinets and add to your space’s visual appeal.

You should get a wall-mounted display for your store if you are looking for:

Visual merchandising tool.

Cabinet that saves space. 

Showcase that fits snuggly in your store window and attracts visitors.

wall-mounted display

2.Floor Standing Display Cases 

Floor-standing display cases are the most commonly found in the retail world. They are great for showcasing various items at once. But make sure you have a lot of floor space available at your store before deciding to go with a standing case. 

These cases are often huge in size and can be customized to house a lot of items. Since you don’t want your space to look stuffed or cluttered, consider available floor space before purchasing a floor-standing cabinet

Moreover, this type of luxury jewelry showcase often comes with an integrated lock system, so your items remain safe and unharmed at all times.

Here are some benefits of choosing floor-standing display cases;

Floor-standing cabinets are great for housing various items at once.

They come with fool-proof security systems.

The design options for this type of display case are ample.

Floor Standing Display Cases

3.Display Counters:

Imagine a beautiful glass case on top of a round, square, or rectangular table. This is what we call a display counter. This type of display case is often found in high-end retail stores–either against the wall or at the center of the space. 

High-end stores use this type of counter to display their most priced and valued items. It is used to display jewelry more in an exhibit style, so it’s also very popular in exhibitions and auctions. 

If you are planning to get it, make sure you have a stunning collection ready to be housed inside it! And before we move on to the next type, we have a recommendation for you. 

DG Display Showcase has recently designed a high-end jewelry shop display counter, and it’s an absolute treat. With a round structure and sleek design, this counter can add a wow factor to your store! This piece also features a well-balanced lighting system along with an electronic locking device. 

Not only that, you can get this counter customized according to your store needs. Contact DG Display Showcase now to find more. 

Choose a display counter for your store if:

Need a display for high-end items.

Wish to create an accent point in your store.

Display Counters

4. Tower Display Cases:

You must have seen tall display showcases placed at the corners of luxury jewelry stores before. They are easily noticeable due to their clear and sleek appearance as they are usually designed with more glass and less wood. 

Similar to small display counters, tower display cases are often used to house star items. Store managers utilize these tall structures for visual merchandising as they are great for highlighting pieces individually on different shelves.

Here are some benefits of choosing tower display cases;

Tower displays showcase are great for visual merchandising 

Highlighting collections becomes easier if you have a tower display. 

Tower displays showcase can be paired with counters to make an island.

tower display cases

Glass vs. Acrylic Display Cases – Which is Best?

While glass is a timeless material with excellent visibility, it is no longer considered ideal for building showcases. The reason is simple: it is easily scratchable and breakable! 

You need to take the safety of your jewelry into consideration before purchasing a showcase. Acrylic displays showcase have proven to be sturdier than glass ones, so they are best for showcasing jewelry that requires an extra level of protection.

Additionally, acrylic displays showcase also offer better optical clarity than glass displays. Glass displays showcase can develop scratches over time that reduce the clarity even more. 

While there is a special glass in the market that can match the clarity of acrylic, getting the display made of it will cost you a lot. Tempered glass is usually the most common option available for display cases. 

Tempered glass showcases can easily fit the bill if you want a display showcase for resting heavy jewlery items. While acrylic is inherently clear, tempered glass is more durable and stronger, making it an excellent choice for building high-end cases. 

Acrylic is also susceptible to clouding when it is regularly cleaned with chemical agents. So, it is never preferred over tempered glass when you are building a luxury showcase. 

While typical glass is an absolute no-go when buying a jewelry showcase, tempered glass presents you a better and much durable alternative! Arcylic display cases are also there, but go for temepered glass showcases if you have the budget. 

Final Words 

We covered everything you needed to know about different display cases to organize your retail space the right way. Spice up your space with the right kind of display case, add in other fixtures, and balance the lighting–and you are all set for sales growth! 

If you are looking for a display showcase partner, consider contacting DG Display Showcase. We are one of the top manufacturers of luxury display counters, cabinets, and showcases. Our collection consists of some elegant display pieces waiting to be installed at your high-end store. Get in touch with us to get your dream showcase.


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