High-End Jewelry: The Secret to Lighting Up Your Countertop Rotating Showcase

Do you know that effective and well-balanced lighting in your retail space can boost sales by up to 40%? This statistic is proof that lighting can impact the overall mood in your jewelry store and drive sales!

Aside from considering quality and design while purchasing a luxury showcase, you also need to make sure it lights up your jewelry the right way. 

Diamonds, platinum, gold, and silver–all metals respond to different kinds of lighting. You can't choose uniformity while selecting lights for showcasing jewelry, and that is why, this job can be confusing! 

But, don't worry! We have penned down this blog to help you choose the perfect lighting color and temperature for your displays. 

What is the importance of proper lighting in jewelry displays? 

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when setting up jewelry displays because it will impact how your pieces will look to the customers. And by good lighting, we do not mean increasing the intensity and brightness!

Doing that will only cast shadows and create glares, making your jewelry look dull or extra-shinny. Your aim is to increase convenience for the customers and enhance the natural qualities of your gems! 

Picking the right intensity, color, and temperature for the display lights is very important as these factors will make your pieces pop. 

What to consider when selecting jewelry display lights?

Temperatures and CRI 

The correct temperature and CRI values are the two most important factors to consider when selecting lights for your display cases. If you are not familiar with these terms, let us give you an overview! 

Temperature refers to the color of your light and it is measured on the kelvin scale ranging from 2000 to 6000 kelvin. Here are some important things to know about light temperatures:

2200 to 3000K lights are considered soft and warm (yellowish shade) 

2500 to 4100K lights are said to be cool and white (suitable for general use)

5000 to 6000K lights are considered blue or clear white 

CRI or color rendering index indicates the ability of your light to clearly tell the color of an object. Sunlight has the highest CRI of 100, but other light sources fall between 50 to 90. 

Now the question is: how would you know which temperature and what CRI light will best complement your jewelry? 

If you are selecting lights for a display showcasing diamonds or gold jewlery, the chart below will help you identify the right temperature and CRI for your display lights.


Diamond 4000K to 6200KAbove 90 
Gold 2000K to 3500K90 or above


Warmer lights always work best for gold jewelry while blue or white light is perfect for silver, diamonds, and crystal gems. We believe in using lights that have a CRI of at least 90, so your jewelry gleams perfectly and remains clearly visible to the viewers. 

Lighting Technology 

You generally have four options when it comes to selecting the lighting technology:

Metal halides 

Fluorescent lights 

Halogen bulbs 

LED lights

Halogen bulbs and metal halides were traditionally used in most jewelry stores because they have a warmer temperature and excellent ability to showcase jewelry. 

But here's one problem with halogen bulbs that makes them not an ideal choice for modern showcases: they tend to heat up fast! If you have a spacious store that uses tons of light fixtures, then countering this heat will become a problem. 

While metal halides heat up less, they can take some time to light up to their full potential. If you operate in an area that faces power outages, using metal halides may not be feasible. 

Fluorescent lights can be good for illuminating crystals and diamonds, but they will diminish the colors of silver and gold jewelry pieces. 

So, what's left? LED Lights! As jewelry showcase manufacturers, we love how LED lights illuminate almost all types of jewelry perfectly. They come in a wide range of colors, so you won't be switching through the lights. And mostly importantly, they save energy and produce less heat. 

Fixture Type 

The type of fixture you use inside a showcase can impact the aesthetics of your display. There are tons of options to choose from, but we suggest spotlights or tracks to illuminate your jewelry in an even way. 

You can also go for LED stripes and halides if clear illumination is your main goal. 

Accent lights 

Adding accent lights inside a display showcase is a brilliant way to highlight certain jewelry pieces and enhance the visibility of different gemstones. These lights can easily draw attention to the features of your star items or accentuate the details of small jewelry pieces. 

Expert Tip: the color temperature of the overhead light fixture must align with the color temperature of the light inside the showcase below. This will prevent shadows and maintain the visibility of your showcase!

What's the perfect light for your jewelry showcase

LEDs are becoming increasingly popular these days because they save energy and present jewelry pieces in the best possible way! 

We highly recommend installing LED lights all around your store, because they will significantly cut down your power bill. But that's not the only perk of having LED lights in your store. 

Silver, gold, diamond, and platinum–all jewelry types look best in natural light, and LED is the only artificial light source that has the closest color spectrum to sunlight. 

So, think smart, be innovative, and choose LEDs to light up your timeless pieces! 

High-end Jewelry Countertop Rotating Showcase–A Powerful Visual Merchandising Tool 

Looking for something elegant, sleek, and modern to place on your countertop? Our High-end Jewelry Countertop Rotating Showcase is everything you need to impress customers at first glance. 

It has a brilliant design, an intelligent lighting system, and electronic locking to provide you with all the convenience! If visual merchandising is your main goal, this intimate, high-end showcase should be your first choice! 

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