The Art of Showcasing Luxury: 4 Innovative Designs for High-end Jewellery

Brilliant cabinetry, a unique interior, and a comfortable environment are some basic elements to design a high-end jewelry store. However, store owners and retailers constantly need to update their luxury space according to the newest trends to beat the market and boost sales. 

From acrylic displays and sleek furniture to contemporary walls and round cabinetry, there are many latest trends you can follow to revamp the look of your high-end store. 

New year demands new changes! So, let's discover some latest retail design trends to kickstart your sales growth!

Add a Little Curve for an Upscale Feel:

Many interior designers swear that curved furnishing and cabinetry are the best for creating a non-formal, airy, and comfortable environment inside a retail store. Curved counters and showcases bring an element of sophistication and softness to a space, and this is what shop owners should take advantage of. 

While the curved interior has been around for ages, we are seeing a considerable hike in this trend especially in the retail world. As most jewelry store owners understand this trend, they are targeting new and young customers with round chandeliers, luxury jewelry display counters, and curved ceiling outlines. 

Here are some changes you can make to your space for a comfortable and upscale look:

Place a high-end jewellery showcase with a round exterior right at the center of your store. Make sure it fits snuggly with your store layout and perfectly matches the vibe of your space. 

A meticulously designed circular wall feature integrated with proper lighting will help you transform the spatial dynamics of your store, making it more welcoming for the customers.

A round, glass chandelier right above your luxury jewelry display counter will be an excellent addition to your store interior. Go for a contemporary design if targeting millennials is your main goal. 

If you are looking for a high-end jewelry showcase for your store, this round display counter from DG Display is everything you need. It has a classic curved structure with a sophisticated design to blend perfectly with modern as well as traditional interiors. 

This display piece is designed to add an illusion of depth and warmth to your luxury space. So, if creating a comfortable display is your goal, this showcase is a must-have!

Make Your Store a Social Space: 

This trend is all about transforming your retail store into a community hub and making it more welcoming for your customers. You must have seen bookstores providing reading corners to their customers, so they can relax, have coffee, and enjoy their favorite book in peace. 

But how does this concept apply to a jewelry store? Well, let us explain. 

Most high-end retailers are choosing to add personal selling spaces and community tables to their stores. This little change allows them to host events and gatherings right at their store. Not only that, it also helps clients get more personal space with sales executives to convey their needs. 

A little seating arrangement here and there in your store will allow your staff to sit down with customers, listen to their needs, and provide them with a smooth shopping experience. The whole idea is to make your store more than a place of transaction.

Generational Shift is All You Need for a Sale Boost:

Gen Z is getting into the jewelry retail space with all their social intelligence and uncanny manners. They no longer want jewelry spaces to feel like a library, where customers need to be quiet and formal. 

Taking the demands of all generations into consideration is highly important before designing a retail space. When you are thinking about Gen Z and young people, consider sustainability, casual shopping experience, and gender neutrality in your store design. 

It will be exciting to set up a space that gives a neighborhood vibe where customers can have an unforgettable retail experience. Tone down the formal setting, add lots of seating areas and remove the white tablecloth to make your luxury space more welcoming for the younger generation. 

You can also go digital. Add try-out booths, where customers can digitally try out jewelry pieces before they make a purchase. This will create an immersive environment where customers can easily engage with your pieces and make a satisfactory purchase.

Lights, Colors, and Flawless Counters:

Accentuating jewelry pieces with perfect lighting is a new way of engaging customers and playing with their emotions. Direct and indirect light inside a jewelry store gives new meaning and character to your gleaming jewels. 

Ideally, bright and cool lights that can enhance the visibility of your items are preferred in a jewelry store. But since there is no limit to creativity, you can experiment with different temperatures to see how they reflect on your pieces. 

Most luxury jewelry display counters such as the high-end Jewelry showcase from DG Display Showcase an intelligent lighting system with various colors in play. This allows you to experiment with your display choices and enhance the inherent qualities of your products. 

Another important thing to consider while designing your luxury space is the placement and design of your counters. Tall cabinets and islands are still in trend, but consumers usually prefer seeing items at eye level.

So, in our opinion, half-height cabinets and counters will be a trendy addition to your store. 

Note: make sure your display counter is high enough to reach customers'eye level. 42''  is usually considered an ideal height for a display counter. 

DG Master of Display Showcase – Your Ultimate Jewelry Display Partner:

Planning to buy a high-end jewelry showcase that instantly becomes a sale magnet for your store? DG Display's trendy, classic, and minimalistic displays are everything you require to revamp your store space and make it as swanky as possible. 

Contact DG Display to explore the world of high-end counters and displays!

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