The pattern and way out of the Shenzhen Showcase Factory_ jewelry showcase_ 深 深 _ Cartier jewelry showcase_ jewelry display cabinet_ stainless steel jewelry showcase_

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The competition in the exhibition cabinet production industry is becoming more and more intense. Due to the low threshold of the industry, a large number of admissionists have entered the degree of competition every year. The exhibitors of the exhibition cabinets are full of the market.

The rules have caused some chaotic situation. What is the pattern of Shenzhen Showcase Factory as a leader in the field of domestic display cabinets? Jewelry display cabinet Shenzhen is one of the special zones. It is adjacent to Hong Kong.

The economically developed people's consumption level is very high, and the response to the trend is very fast. Especially Shenzhen, as the most famous jewelry, gold production and trading base in the country, gathered a large number of jewelry companies. It has brought a lot of business opportunities to the Shenzhen showcase factory, especially the development potential of the jewelry showcase production company.

As we all know, the proportion of men and women in Shenzhen, the number of women is much higher than that of men; women have a hot pursuit of beauty, and the desire to buy cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and jewelry is strong, which has created the popularity of shopping malls and specialty stores, cosmetics stores , Clothing stores, jewelry shops, shoe stores, etc., blossoms everywhere, so the market demand for jewelry display cabinets, cosmetics showcases, clothing display cabinets, silver showcases, jadeite display cabinets and other counters. Too low entry thresholds and huge cakes make a large number of investors in Shenzhen swarming in.

Jewelry showcases are currently concentrated in the Shenzhen showcase factory in Guanlan, Henggang, Hangzi, Pingti, Shiyan and Xixiang. There are hundreds of people in large, only a dozen people, and the professional factories have their own advantages, such as jewelry showcases, silver jewelry display cabinets, emerald display cabinets, cosmetics showcases, clothing display cabinets, shoe store display cabinets, etc. The upper -scale Shenzhen showcase factory relies on the traditional sales model, through the introduction of old customers and the reputation in the industry; the newly -entered small -scale display cabinet factories are mainly connected through the network.

Online shopping is becoming more and more common, coupled with the determination and actions of the Shenzhen Municipal Government to build the China Electronic Commerce Demonstration City, so that Shenzhen is earlier and more acceptable to online sales earlier than other places. Factory has expanded a new market source channel. The fierce industry competition and the market conditions in 2012 forced Shenzhen Showcase Factory to think about the future, so as not to be eliminated by the market.

Under the circumstances of rising labor costs and rising raw materials, improve the level of technology, improve production efficiency, strictly control the quality, improve after -sales service to become the only way out of the Shenzhen showcase factory. .


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