The origin and usage of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets

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The origin of the Chinese medicine cabinet: from the stage of the goddess Hua Yan, confirmed that Bai Cao Liufang According to folk stories, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet began in the Three Kingdoms period. There are patients with carpentry, and near 400 medicinal materials are placed in a variety of bags, which is not convenient to occupy the region. In order to report to the big grace, a Chinese medicine cabinet containing 400 small medicine buckets was raised all the brain juice, and the name of the Chinese medicinal material was marked on each small medicine fight.

From now on, all Chinese medicine cabinets, traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, traditional Chinese medicine buckets, and traditional Chinese medicine racks used by physicians are extended in this document format. The intelligence of the Chinese medicine cabinet: lifted his wrist, lowered his head, and the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet of the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet of Yue Lei Chi was made of a four -square -square wooden cabinet. There are three small parts separated; not tall or short, and the measurement of the arms is exactly the right, left and right measurement, which is both general and dense.

It is the more common Chinese medicine cabinet at this stage. Chinese medicine cabinets, some people call it "Chinese Medicine Cabaine", "Chinese Medicine Fighting" or "Medicine Douzi". In terms of system, it is generally based on the standards of "horizontal seven and eight" (high but 1.

60 meters, no more than 1.70 meters wide). Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet has the characteristics of "lifting the wrist, lowering the head, and the rich ponds of the thunder pool".

In the overall design of the connection point of the Chinese medicine cabinet, it is different from that of many post -modern furniture. Many metal material connectors are different. One of the major characteristics of traditional Chinese home furniture is to use the exquisite and accurate tenon -and -mortise structure to closely connect each component of the furniture to the furniture.

Connect together and become a overall general. Traditional woodworking processing technology has always been a desirable side in Chinese classical furniture. Proper design ideas of woodworking application concept to be the same as a tenon -and -mortise structure.

The tenon -and -mortise structure is manufactured as a different processing process, and has a long history. If you want to increase the use of the Chinese medicine cabinet, you must ensure the following: 1. The Chinese medicinal materials in the Chinese medicine cabinet must be completely dry and dry before putting it in.

2. The bearing capacity of the top floor of the Chinese medicine kitchen cabinet is generally not as good as the top layer. Therefore, it is best to put the lighter objects in the top layer.

3. In addition to the formaldehyde in the room, the general materials of the general materials will still have harmful benzene, 氡, etc. In addition to opening the control panel, there are also cabinet doors and adhesives that must be solved to ensure that the components of various types of harmful substances are reduced to a certain extent.

4. The raw materials and poor quality kitchen cabinets will have hair edges, diagonal angles, fast mouths, etc. at the critical points.

This kind of unreasonable part is very easy to cause damage. Solving Chinese medicinal materials immediately on the Chinese medicine cabinet will be due to the quality of the product on the cabinet, which will cause the situation to swallow the residue and slag, and it will also hurt the physical and mental health. In the application, customers should also pay attention to the water door soaked in water, nor can it be exposed.

Usually applications can only be paid well to extend the use time. As the saying goes, you have a good attitude and decide to succeed and fail, so you should pay attention to the professional knowledge of any key point in any key point. Pay more attention to the emphasis on maintenance in the usual application, which is convenient for the use of the use of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets.



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