Solution solution for exhibition cabinet injury treatment

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Suzhou jewelry showcase manufacturers remind the jewelry showcase as a very exquisite display equipment. Compared with other types of showcases, the design and production price is expensive. In the daily use of jewelry showcases, unexpected damage will inevitably occur, such as burns, burns, or cracks, yellowing, etc.

When such problems occur, don't hurry to solve it, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Find the correct treatment method to make the showcase easily recover as new. How to deal with the burn of the showcase? Generally speaking, the jewelry showcase is burned by high -temperature objects, such as boiling water.

Don't panic, make a simpler way to wipe the soft cloth with tea juice, which is convenient and effective. Wipe with white spots on the lacquer mask on the lacquer mask with wine refined flowers, and the effect is also very good. Friends who have experienced such experience may wish to try.

How to deal with the burns of the showcase? If the jewelry showcase is unexpectedly burned, burns, and sunburn, such as the cigarette butt, the scorching sun . first determine whether the showcase is just left on the paint film, the wood material is not damaged, and then the wrap has chopsticks with chopsticks. The fine lines of the head wipe the traces gently, and then apply a layer of thin wax liquid.

The traces of burns can be eliminated. The effect is good! How to deal with cracks in the showcase? There are cracks in the showcase. Here, Yuanmei Showcase focuses on the method of milk to remove cracks.

Everyone may not expect that milk can be used to remove the cracks on the surface of the showcase. The specific method is to pour some milk to wet with a clean surface of the surface. Wipe the dirt in the shot cabinet with dipped milk directly.

After wiping, the effect of removing dirt is very good. After completing water, rinse it again, because there is milk on the surface of the showcase, and the milk will have some sour taste after a long time. It's okay to rinse it.

How to deal with the yellowing of the display cabinet? Jewelry showcases will slowly lose their luster after a long time of use, or even yellowing, or when a crayons stains used by children, you can use vinegar or toothpaste to the exhibition cabinet in daily life. Clean and organize, but pay attention to wiping too hard, so that the jewelry showcase is naturally renewed, do you think of it? You know, there are many factors in jewelry showcases. The treatment method is still specific.

The treatment method of the exhibition cabinet injury above the above is very practical. Friends who have appeared similar to the situation may try. After all, the cost of designing and making a set of showcases is far beyond maintenance.

The cost of cost, why do we usually take care and maintenance of the showcases during the display of the display?.


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