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Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

With the function of the showcase market, the display cabinet market has become more and more diverse. The following introduces the material in the showcase-= organic glass museum showcase-organic glass commonly known as organic glass, also known as acrylic or acrylic. Most of the Hong Kong people are called Agree.

Good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, and wide application in the construction industry. Organic glass products can usually be divided into pouring boards, extrusion boards and molding plastic. Organic glass pressure gram (acrylic) is applied in the construction industry in terms of construction.

Organic glass pressing chec (acrylic) is mainly used in architectural lighting, transparent roofs, sheds, telephone booths, stairs and room wall guards; In terms of sanitary ware, there are bathtubs, washbasins, and cosmetics products. In recent years, the development of the application development of highways and high -level road lighting and car lamps has also been quite fast. Among them, the market lighting body, bathtub, street advertising light boxes and telephone booths have grown rapidly.

The future development space is large, and the market prospects are very broad. In recent years, with the construction of restaurants, hotels and high -end houses in major cities, my country's architectural lighting body has developed rapidly, and the lighting body made of organic glass compressing chec (acrylic) is squeezed out. , High light transmission rate and high safety performance, etc.

, compared with inorganic glass lighting, it has great superiority. At present, the United States and Japan have made mandatory provisions in the law. Glass for primary and secondary schools and kindergarten buildings must be used for organic glass compression gram (acrylic) (acrylic).

With the continuous improvement of my country's laws and regulations, it is expected that in the near future, my country's laws will also stipulate that the glass of primary and secondary schools and kindergarten buildings must also use organic glass compression gram (acrylic). At the same time, there have been accelerated the pace of urban construction throughout the country. A large number of street signs, advertising light boxes and telephone booths have appeared.

A considerable part of the materials used are organic glass acrylic materials. In terms of sanitary ware, because the organic glass acrylic bathtub has the characteristics of luxurious appearance, depth, easy cleaning, high strength, light quality, and comfortable use, it has been widely used in recent years. About 1.

5 million bathtubs, consumed PMMA extrusion boards or 5,000 tons of pouring boards annually. With the increasingly complete construction regulations in my country, PMMA will show strong competitiveness in more application areas. In addition, special organic glass, such as optical organic glass, anti -ray organic glass, and CD -ROM organic glass, are still blank in my country's construction industry applications.


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