Museum's constant temperature and humidity process requirements

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Now science reveals the effect of relative humidity on wood. The research on the collections of the museum lasted shortly. When exposed to higher relative humidity environments, the volume of wood will increase, and when exposed in an environment with a relatively low humidity, it will produce the opposite result.

The speed of the latter change is slower, and the cultural relic show cabinet of metal products has the least persecution of cultural relics. In a special environment, the degree of swelling and contraction of small materials depends on many factors, such as the type of wood, the premise of the previous environment, the method of cutting and the relative humidity and the wetting of the wetness of the wood or other hygroscopic materials on the tree. There is a direct relationship between the amount of gas, called a balanced moisture content (EMC), which is the characteristic value of the material at a specific relative humidity and temperature.

The balance content of the balance is the moisture content under the premise of saturation, that is, the percentage of the dry weight of the object occupied by the constant temperature. It is important to understand the meaning of "balance" in this word. After a long period of wet balance is established inside the object, the balance of humidity can be determined.

For example, when a large woodenware is exposed in a relatively humidity environment, the moisture may not be distributed on average in its internal average. At any time, the constant balance in large utensils may take a long time to measure. After the ultimate balance of the hydration rate (through several weeks or more), the humidity will reach a certain value.

If the relative humidity and temperature in the nearby environment are constant, the balance content will remain constant. If the relative humidity changes, the utensils will be released or absorb moisture until the new balance water content will be reached. Different materials of utensils have different balance content, especially fiber or protein composite material.

The relative relationship between the water content and relative humidity at a certain temperature is called the same temperature line. Figure 2.2 Draw an equivalent of different types of materials that are important for protection research [23.

29] for example: referring to the unequal temperature line, you can see that at 20 ¡ã C and 50%relative humidity, polyurethane plastic or polyurethane foam plastics The balance of the balance is 1%, the Yaxu is 3%, the wood is L0%. The showcase of metal products is better than wooden cultural relics showcases, which greatly reduces damage to cultural relics. In addition, the choice of the constant temperature and humidity machine of the cultural relics showcase is crucial.

Some manufacturers only look at the price of the constant humidity machine and ignore the protection of cultural relics. Often, the museum is decorated with a lot of money. It is very bright, but it is not good for cultural relics.


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