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In order to better highlight the display cabinet and display rack, people must have a trick when buying display cabinets and display racks. Note that the following points: 1. The essence display cabinet placed by the wall and the backboard of the display stand is an impervious plate.

The color, white (recommendation), and mirror of the cabinet can be selected. The inner light can be selected from the light light, shooting lights, and LED shooting lights. The height of the top light box is at 1800-2400mm.

The display cabinet with a height of 1800 is not suitable for the top light box; the depth is generally 350-400mm. If the display is displayed, if the display For larger volume items, you can choose 400mm in depth. , 500*500mm display cabinets are used to display gifts, watch and jewelry, crafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and alcohol, and other large items; there are also larger specifications of display cabinets for large -scale product display 3.

Aluminum alloy frames, stainless steel, stainless steel The display cabinet of the outer frame is matte gold, silver white, black, white, foreign red, gray, etc. Generally, items with strong gold or metal feel are more matte black, leather products, tobacco and alcohol, porcelain, crafts, etc. with golden frames with blackboard.

Color selection generally depends. In addition, the color temperature of the light source in the essence display cabinet is generally between 2700K -6400K. The color temperature is low, the light is yellow or red, the color temperature is high, and the light is white and dazzling.

(Leather goods, etc.) Department Stores and other requirements are lower in color temperature; 4. Wood display cabinets and wooden paint display cabinets are more commonly used display cabinets in modern shopping malls.

Such display cabinets are generally customized, and various specifications can be made according to design needs. The display cabinet of style, the style is extremely rich. When buying, pay attention to the texture and paint of wood.

The wooden display cabinet has more meticulous texture such as: raising wood, Yingmu, oak, and the thick texture includes water willow and pine wood. , Light, paint with wood grain open paint, wood grain paint, monochrome -light paint, monochrome light paint, high -end piano paint, etc. The wooden display cabinet and wooden paint display cabinet are high -end display cabinets.

They are generally used in high -end display areas. For the display of high -end product display, the display cabinet should be combined with the overall display space, combined with the display effect; 5, the full glass display cabinet and the acrylic essence display cabinet. , Specifications can be dependent on the size and variety of products.

This display cabinet is mostly used in large product display, such as crafts, large jade articles, exhibits, etc. When buying, pay attention to the strong and meticulous bonding of the glass and acrylic. The glass and acrylic surface are not scratched.

Stores; width between 1000 and 1500mm and a depth of 500-600mm; there are various types of prevalence and rear pull types, which can be determined according to the display needs. The height of the display cabinet that can be watched on the front when the customer stands is generally 1300-1800mm; when the top is equipped with a light box or a brand logo, this part is generally controlled between 150-200mm. — 1700mm between.

The display cabinet of the customer sitting or bending or bending is generally between 800-1000mm. The shape can be designed as a display cabinet style or square, round, polygon, etc.


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