How to open up foreign markets for cosmetics showcases

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

The growth of small enterprises and the gradual popularization of the foreign Internet, so that more small bosses wipe their fists and handle it on the stage of foreign trade. It turns out that a small cosmetics showcase company that has small funds but has national characteristics may also enter the foreign market. Entrepreneurs have summarized the following five ways of entering the foreign market: (1) Style's quasi -entry permit for passers -by to get the foreign market.

If you want to make your creation into the foreign market, the first thing to do is to open up and build The product should be in line with the consumption situation and popularity of the foreign port. Small enterprises really lack full -time financial designers to inspect, but probably the media to indirectly collect information. Cosmetics showcases (2) Break out of unpopular doors will be popular.

What is the creation of the product? In addition, the home of the country burst out of unpopular □ It is actually complicated when you hear it. There are many eternal unpopular buildings in China, that is“National essence”Create products. (3) Singing his own scene by others to sing by others.

In fact, foreign trade needs to set up a situation. However, small and medium -sized cosmetics showcases generally do not have such strength. Probably the good creation products are placed in the stores that people often go to the store to ask people to sell for their sales, with exquisite tags, put on their own sites and mobile phones, and spread the creation in disguise.

You can also always pay attention to some activities related to international overseas Chinese, and freely send samples to rely on them to bridge. Running a booth at the Canton Fair or outside trade will also appear on the stage on the foreign market. (4) Insufficient strength, the method of splitting the cooperation combat is large, and everyone picks up the firewood and the flame is high, which is very simple.

When you need to perfunctory some large trade situations, a small company will appear insignificant, but it may form a kind of flame for foreigners in cooperation. When cooperating with others, be careful of the complementarity of the product, do not hit the car, otherwise it will happen“Rotten”In the end. For example, the data and style series of cosmetics must be different from each other, or the group with cosmetics is included in the group of clothing and decoration, so that the creation products are neither a few times again and again.

With the strong career, the little bosses also bumped into the Internet. They hired employees of the foreign language major in science, and were coupled with internal standardized management. One day they would move the earth to think about where to open a cosmetic exhibition cabinet factory.


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