How to effectively prevent solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets from deforming and can extend the service life of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

How to effectively prevent the transformation of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets and can extend the life of the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet? This problem has always been a point that our Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturers attach great importance to. Let's first understand the processing process of the wood: Most of the wood used in the production of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets is decomposed by the log processing plant to decompose the trees into multiple wooden boards, and then the board processing plant is processed into the framework of the Chinese medicine cabinet. Materials, Chinese medicine cabinet drawers and accessories of other components of Chinese medicine cabinets, etc.

In the end, it can be used by processing plants such as Chinese medicine cabinets and traditional Chinese medicine cabinets. Because the wood used by the Chinese medicine cabinet has been dry for a long time, the water in the wood has reached a relatively balanced environment in which the current environment is now. There will be no problems in a short time without much climate change.

However, after the production of the industry's relationship, the Chinese medicine cabinet will be sold to different areas after the production is completed. Sometimes the area span is relatively large. This will have a certain impact on the wood in the Chinese medicine cabinet.

The production process is advanced, and the superb technical level of the master generally does not have any problems. Next, let's talk about how to effectively prevent the deformation of the Chinese medicine cabinet. The most prone season for traditional Chinese medicine cabinets is basically in winter.

The weather is relatively cold. Many pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, etc. will use heating equipment, such as electric heater, air conditioning or central heating, etc.

In this case, you need to remind everyone: Do not put the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet on the side of these heat sources. If you must put it, you must leave some distance appropriately. Crack or deform.

At this time, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing function so that it can have the most suitable humidity and temperature in order to extend the service life of the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet. In fact, everyone can use the usual clean settings and ready -made tools in the environment where Chinese medicine cabinets are placed, so that they can moisturize the Chinese medicine cabinet. In winter, you can drag hard, wipe it frequently, hydrate the surface layer of the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet, or use waxing, etc.

to let it lock the moisture. It is best to have a humidifier, because the humidifier is the most direct and convenient tool to improve the indoor humidity. The safe distance of humidifier and other appliances and furniture is at least 1 meter.

We should better maintain the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet in winter to extend its service life and prevent it from deformed. .


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