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Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

It is said that people are often touched by things that are first seen. Therefore, the more important point of the display cabinet display is to greaterly the advantages of the product. At the moment the customer is shocked, he seize his sight and let him be attracted.

There is no uniform standard for display on the display of the glasses showcase. However, overall should be located in combination with the target market of the glasses shop, try to meet the potential psychological needs of customers, and avoid determining it according to the personal preference of the boss. There are usually three ways to create a glasses shop: filling, display display, and emphasizing display.

Among them, the filling display belongs to the general opening type. The display display focuses on the display of key products, and the emphasis on the display of the characteristics of product characteristics or seasonal characteristics. In specific display, comprehensive consideration often needs to be comprehensively considered.

Generally speaking, there are several better display points in the products of the glasses showcases: 1. Good display points: facing the location of the shop in the shop, the wall and the sight of the high, and the two centered on this point of radiation On the side, the glasses counters covered with 65 degrees angle, and there are the booths on both sides of the main passage of the Optical Store, the booth next to the cashier, and the door of the optometry room. 2.

Promotional display point: the glasses counters of the greeted door, the glasses showcases in the middle of the two main channels, the client rest area of ​​the glasses shop, etc. 3. Instead of display points: warehouse (or processing room) entrances, corners with poor lighting, and dead corners of the bottom of the stores, etc.

Pay attention to the following three elements of the display cabinet display of the glasses shop: 1. Easy to know -the celebrity effect's eyeball economy needs to be well reflected in the display, let customers see the value or advantages of the product at a glance, and see it clearly. 2.

Interesting -the charm of the mystery moves the customer's inner needs or inspires their curiosity, actively ask or experience, the sales will be half successful. 3. Related -group operations will create a scene to display the terminal, operator business, accessories, etc.

, and the effect will be better. In short, in the face of the competitive industry market market glasses shop operators need to clarify the business scope of their products, create unique brand characteristics, and pay attention to detailed and quality services. Only with a complete service for customers can we quickly open sales for your products.

For many years in the decoration industry in the glasses shop, it has a deep understanding of the business models and various styles of the various glasses shops. The more cutting -edge design concepts at home and abroad are integrated into the glasses decoration, providing customers with multiple series of solutions. Customers create value to help customers achieve double profits.

Many years of focus is your more professional decoration butler more than 10 senior designers. The precise brand positioning is large -scale production. It is worth your associate entrustment of high -quality selection of materials, ensuring the standard management specifications, and trusting you with a full range of contemporary and exclusive services.

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