Affects the size factors of cosmetics showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The size of the cosmetics showcase is mainly affected by the size of the cosmetics store area, store layout, product placement method, and overall effect. When the area is large enough, the size of the cosmetics showcase will increase accordingly. Of course, the overall height and depth will not be too large.

The layout method of cosmetics showcases has a relatively large impact on size. The conventional size of the low counter is generally 1200*450*1100mm, but due to the effect of the layout method, the length will be adjusted. Of course, it is generally 2200*550*1200mm; the size of the back cabinet is generally It is 1000*300*2400mm, 1600*250*2400mm; the length can be different, but the depth of the back cabinet is generally 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and the height is generally 2400mm, 2200mm, etc.

Of course, the structure size of the cosmetics showcase requires the designer to design according to the specific situation. Generally, the size of the light box and the product layer should be allocated according to the proportion. Cosmetic showcase cosmetics showcases are sales carriers carrying beautiful and fashionable cosmetics, which reflects a fashion, healthy, and aesthetic atmosphere.

Therefore, a beautiful and fashionable cosmetics showcase can grasp the eyeballs of customers to increase sales and strengthen the multi -function display effect of cosmetics display cabinets. It must be reasonable, try to achieve the best effect. Let's analyze how to make cosmetic showcases achieve the best display effect.

The painting requirements for the standard cosmetics showcases are very strict. There must be no granular dust, flowing oil, orange peel and other phenomena on the surface, making the surface bright and flat. The opening of the cabinet, the door, etc.

also needs to be painted. It should not be treated or simple. You must brush a layer of paint in the place where the back panel cannot be seen.

The surface of cosmetics showcases is generally made of bright paint. The color depends on the cosmetics brand. The main color and the auxiliary color must be coordinated, focusing on highlighting the brand cultural information of cosmetics.

The lighting effect of cosmetics display cabinets is a very important link for the production of cosmetics showcases. The light requirements are evenly distributed, the light color is better, and the brightness should be moderate. There must be no light area, especially the production of the light box, it is easy to appear blind spots, and the light needs to be treated well.

Considering energy conservation and environmental protection, the current energy -saving LED lamps or T5 lamps. Cosmetics showcases, especially the size of the high cabinet advertising light box and the product layer, require the designer to carefully plan, so that the counter can make the counter more beautiful. There are three routine types of lamps at the layer of cosmetics showcases.

One is that ordinary lamp pipes are hidden on the edge of the layer plate, and the second is to install the lights in the middle. Ackle transparent. Generally speaking, the production of cosmetics showcases has achieved the best results.

It is not determined in a certain aspect. It needs to be considered comprehensive consideration; from the design of cosmetics showcases to each link, it needs to be handled properly in order to produce the most reasonable and perfect cosmetics display cabinet.


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