Saudi High-end Jewelry Store Design Project

See how DG Display Showcase incorporates international brand store styles into your store design

Saudi High-end Jewelry Store Design Project

Saudi Arabia 


Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a high-end luxury jewelry brand located in Saudi Arabia, renowned for showcasing the emotional power of gemstones and crafting exquisite and luxurious jewelry. The brand strives for excellence, considering each piece as a unique work of art, embodying ultimate perfection in grandeur and finesse. As a well-known high-end jewelry brand in the local market, it has gained acclaim for its distinctive design style and high-quality craftsmanship. The product collection primarily features diamonds and colored gemstones, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, among others. Every gemstone is carefully selected, and each piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted, showcasing unparalleled elegance and intricacy. The brand represents the pinnacle of global innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship, enjoying a well-deserved reputation. In addition to jewelry, the brand also offers exquisite watches and accessories to meet various customer demands. With a focus on market positioning, the brand selects only high-end mall locations, providing a unique jewelry experience for discerning consumers. Their brand philosophy is to transform the emotional power inherent in gemstones into the soul of their jewelry pieces, allowing each gemstone to carry a unique story and emotion, showcased through exquisite craftsmanship and design, reflecting their distinctive charm and taste. By choosing this brand, you will experience a one-of-a-kind and precious jewelry experience.

Main products: Diamonds, colored gemstones, jade, emeralds, rose gold, pearls, gold, silver, K gold, gemstone-set rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, pendants, brooches, earrings, studs, and more.

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcase, jewelry showcases, jewelry high showcase, jewelry front counters, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry circular island display showcases, jewelry curved showcases,jewelry hanging showcases, jewelry vertical display showcases, jewelry built-in wall showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, cash counters, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Optimized design, prototyping, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance, and repairs

As a specialized local brand in Saudi Arabia, Saudi High-end Jewelry has always adhered to high-end positioning, focusing on luxurious products such as diamonds, colored gemstones, and watches, with its sales channels targeted at high-end malls. In 2020, after initial communication and understanding with DG Display Showcase, the client highly recognized our services and business philosophy.

After establishing a cooperative relationship with DG Display Showcase, the client quickly provided us with their designed drawings. Since the client's main products are similar in style and temperament to the internationally renowned brand Graf, and the client personally appreciates Graf's store design, the client's design plan also incorporates elements from Graf's design. Many clients hope to draw on the experience of international brand store design, and the key is to find the right balance for their own brand. Here, let us delve into how to flexibly incorporate the style of international brand store design into our own store design to create a feeling of a top-tier brand.

1. Study the store style of the target brand: Carefully study the characteristics of international brand stores, including their color combinations, display methods, lighting design, and overall ambiance. Understand their core elements and stylistic features as the foundation for subsequent design.

2. Blend with the brand's own characteristics: Combine the store style of the target brand with the unique characteristics of your own brand, finding commonalities and complementarity. Maintain consistency while injecting your brand's personality and uniqueness, creating a distinct store image.

3. Design display methods: Utilize the target brand's display methods to showcase the uniqueness of your products and brand value. Consider the sequence of product displays, layout methods, and space utilization to create a captivating shopping experience.

4. Lighting and atmosphere creation: Drawing on the lighting design of target brand shops, the lighting effects and the use of light highlight the brilliance and magnificence of the jewelry products. Create a unique atmosphere suitable for the positioning of the brand and attract customers' attention.

5. Careful treatment of craft details: attention to detail is the key to creating a sense of a big brand. From the material selection of the display case to the production process, we should pursue high quality and exquisite execution. Ensuring that every detail matches the style of the target brand and presents a professional and luxurious image.

In this collaboration, DG also optimized the design provided by the client through the above-mentioned approach. the professional design team of DG Display Showcase communicated with the client after understanding the client's needs and reviewing the design drawings in detail. we blended elements of the client's local high-end brand identity and Graff shop style, by researching the target brand, elaborating the display approach, lighting and By researching the target brands, designing the displays, creating the lighting and atmosphere, and focusing on the details of the craftsmanship, we were able to create a shop image that is comparable to that of the major international brands. The client was also very receptive to the changes we proposed, which further strengthened the understanding and trust between the two parties.

Given the importance of this project to the client and the context of this first collaboration, DG Display Showcase decided to start with a prototype order to ensure that the client was fully satisfied with the quality and service of the display case. Once the display case samples were delivered to the client's site by air, the client's entire team gave high recognition to DG display showcase's quality and service. As a detail-oriented company, the client has very strict requirements on quality, from the details of the style and craftsmanship to the lighting and the diversity of the products displayed. However, through the one-stop service provided by DG display showcase, these requirements were perfectly met.

Once the prototype was approved, the project moved smoothly into the mass production phase. DG display showcase's production department played an important role in this critical phase. Our experienced production team, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, was able to organize the production process efficiently and ensure on-time delivery. During the production process, we strictly follow the design drawings and customer's standards, pay attention to every detail and quality control of the accessories, strictly implement the quality management system, and carry out multiple processes of inspection and testing to ensure that the final product is of international standards and customer's requirements. We also maintain close communication with our customers and provide timely feedback on production progress and problems to ensure that they are always aware of the progress of their projects.

In addition to optimizing design and production, DG display showcase also provides a full range of shipping and installation guidance services to our customers. We understand the importance our clients place on delivery schedules, so we are precise about the timing of each stage and ensure that production runs smoothly through meticulous planning and coordination and that the products required by our clients are delivered on time. Once the display showcases arrive at the customer's site, we provide them with installation drawings, videos, and remote installation guidance to ensure they are installed correctly. Detailed training was also provided to the shop users on the daily use, maintenance, and emergency measures of the display showcases.

The collaboration between DG Display Showcase and Saudi high-end jewelry is a classic success story of combining big brand styles with local brands. Through our professional design, exquisite craftsmanship, and comprehensive services, we have created a shop image for our client that is comparable to that of international brands. Our efforts and services were highly appreciated by the client, the team, and even the mall. The final product has also gained wide recognition, creating a unique appeal for the client's brand image and shops. In addition to the praise, the client also provided us with many valuable comments from the perspective of the user. The DG display showcase team also visited the client's shop in 2023 to meet with them face-to-face. This not only enhanced the customer experience but also showed us what we need to improve on. The client also felt that we were very attentive, and thanks to their continued support and trust, DG Display Showcase will continue to work hard to provide our clients with more quality jewelry shop display solutions.

If you would like to have such a shop, please feel free to contact DG display showcase. whether it is a local brand or a big international brand, we will provide professional, innovative, and excellent display solutions for each client, with our clients' needs as our guide. We look forward to working with more clients to create more eye-catching shop images that showcase the value and charm of their brands.

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