Exploring the Daily Life of DG Overseas Showcase Installation Teams

Every showcase project installation site, there is a group of lovely installation team. Whether it is wind or rain, cold or heat, they are always in the construction site struggling. They let the hard sweat wilfully splashed, only to bring the perfect showcase to customers. Today I will take you into the daily life of DG display showcase installation team.

In the hot summer, taking advantage of the cool breeze in the morning, the installation team informed the customers in advance and left early in the van. In order to ensure the installation work can be carried out smoothly, they first went to the customer for detailed communication, and after confirming the process, the installation team started to unload the goods and carry the panels to the designated site.

display case installation

When they arrived at the site, the ground was full of dust, so before installation, the masters put the wrapping paper with plates on the ground, then took out two foam boards, respectively, against the wall, padded on the ground, and finally moved the plates one by one to the foam board. The master said: this is the regular operation, mainly to prevent the plates from scratching the walls and floors, but also to prevent the panels from wearing and scratching. When the panels arrived, the masters began to install them in an orderly manner according to the construction drawings.

In the installation of high cabinets need to drill fixed, drilling caused by the dust, the master will carefully wipe it clean. After the completion of the entire installation, they will clean up the site for the customer, and give customers a clean and tidy environment!

Finally, will also share in detail for the customer showcase display should be how to maintenance, and to polite, professional perspective to answer the customer's questions, regardless of whether the customer mentioned with the installation of the showcase display frame related. Master said: "As long as it is within our power, we are willing to help customers to solve."Our installation partners are trained from site assessment to final installation inspection to provide our customers with accuracy and excellence at every step of the process.

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DG Display Showcase installation team

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