High-end luxury jewelry brand custom showcase project in Dubai

See how DG has perfectly implemented the full curved glass wall showcase in Dubai high-end shopping malls

High-end luxury jewelry brand custom showcase project in Dubai Jeep



Project Briefing and Building Overview: Mithun Sacheti, the founder of Dubai high-end jewelry chain brand store, with his keen eye for jewelry and accurate judgment of the market, has successfully established Dubai high-end jewelry chain brand in just a few years. The brand's products are mainly gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, and silver jewelry, and the brand adheres to the design concept of dignity, elegance, refinement, and substance, redefining eternity with modernity and creating exquisite and elegant jewelry pieces, which are unique in the high-end jewelry market. Dubai Jeep high-end jewelry chain brand not only represents the world-class jewelry trend but also conveys a positive attitude towards life and exquisite cultural taste to the society. The brand is also trusted by the highest levels of society and the industry for its superior quality and noble taste and has been named by Forbes as the fastest-growing company, Mr. Mithun Sacheti has been named by Forbes as one of the youngest entrepreneurs under the age of 40 to watch.

Main products: Gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, silver, diamonds, rings, gemstone rings, pearl rings, gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, earrings, pendants

Products we supply: Glass jewelry display showcases, glass jewelry boutique display showcases, glass high showcases, jewelry intelligent lift display showcases, jewelry front display showcases, jewelry glass windows, jewelry island display showcases, jewelry curved display showcases, jewelry closets, jewelry vertical display showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry props, jewelry materials, jewelry experience table

Services we supplied: Design, decoration, production, transportation, installation

DG display showcase and Mr.Sid, the head of high-end jewelry chain brand store in Dubai, made a connection at the International Jewellery Show 2019, Mr.Sid was attracted by our products and services and said, "Before coming to the show site, I knew something about you DG Display Showcase and also collected a lot of your information and I am very satisfied after seeing your products on site today, including your attitude and service during the communication process, I appreciate it very much, and if I have any projects in the future, I will definitely choose to cooperate with you first." In 2022, Mr.Si contacted us to start the cooperation with DG Display Showcase.

The Dubai high-end jewelry brand has more than 10 years of history, Mr.Sid wanted to completely upgrade the store image this time, changing the traditional store design style to create a new royal class high-end jewelry brand image store in Dubai's high-end shopping malls. After understanding the client's needs, DG Display Showcase's professional design, optimization, R&D, and production team combined with the client's site layout, local aesthetics, and store positioning to create a tailor-made jewelry store design for the client in royal style. In the jewelry store design, we boldly adopted a large number of gold as decorative elements to highlight the noble status and position; in the display case production process, through the traditional craft and modern intelligent system, to produce a modern intelligent high-end jewelry display case in line with the royal style, each display case reflects the store's noble and luxurious style, as well as the store jewelry products exquisite and elegant style.

In addition to the overall style determination, Mr. Sid especially proposed to integrate the full glass curved wall cabinet design in the store, the curved wall cabinet design is one of the biggest highlights of the entire store, but also an important element of the store brand image display. The structure of the full glass curved cabinet has beautiful and atmospheric features compared with the traditional cabinet doors, while the design of the full glass material also makes the whole wall cabinet more visually transparent, thus enhancing the product display effect. But to achieve these requirements, the production process and installation technology is a considerable challenge, therefore, the customer is very concerned that we can perfectly land. In this regard, we communicated with the client from many angles, such as the color, material, and size of the wall cabinet. During this communication process, Mr. Sid once again expressed his recognition of DG display showcase's professionalism in the field of jewelry display showcases, saying that DG display showcase truly takes customers' needs as the guide when designing, and then recommends and designs for customers after comprehensive consideration of product performance and price so that customers' products are more beautiful and convenient to use.

After a week of efficient communication, discussion, and adjustment with the customer, we finally developed a flexible design plan to meet the customer's needs and smoothly entered the production and transportation stage. Due to the customer's store opening time is tight, during the production period, in order to be able to ship on time, factory management personnel do all the coordinated production arrangement plan in advance, from the preparation of materials, production to installation, finishing assembly line with perfect, and finally complete the project successfully. In terms of transportation time, DG display showcase is also highly cooperative with customers, contacting logistics to send out the goods smoothly the day after the production of display showcases is completed, reducing customers' concerns about the long transportation cycle. At the same time, we also provide customers with jewelry display case installation guidance and training on display case maintenance and emergency measures, in order to help customers save time and cost based on the perfect restoration project solution.

After the store installation was completed, Mr. Sid shared the store video with us and said he was very satisfied with the store installation effect and would choose to work with us again next time. Here, DG Display Showcase is also very grateful for the trust and support of Dubai high-end jewelry chain brand, we always adhere to the concept of service with heart, with the most professional service attitude and the most high-quality and efficient work efficiency, to provide the best guidance and recommendation for every customer who comes to DG display showcase.

In order to implement the design of a full glass curved wall cabinet perfectly, the team of DG display showcase has done the following work.

First, to fully display the characteristics and highlights of the customer's products is the basic requirement of the jewelry showcase, the designers combined the customer's products on display with the reasonable planning of the layout of the cabinet when they carried out the full glass curved wall cabinet.

Second, in order to arc wall showcases and store design perfect integration, in the color collocation, in line with the overall style of the store as the basis, to increase the color of the hierarchy and aesthetics.

Third, the curved wall cabinet can fit perfectly with the wall, it is the most important of this display cabinet design, DG's designers for the customer to provide on-site pictures and modeling effects, and grasp every size, the customer proposed all-glass curved wall cabinet design program to give professional advice and optimization.

Fourth, in order not to affect the bearing capacity of the cabinet, to protect the weight of the cabinet in a reasonable range, the designer in the design of the glass cabinet, repeatedly pushes the thickness and strength of the glass.

Fifth, the production process, DG's production team to continuously improve the level of technology to ensure that the glass, hardware, and the cabinet can be perfectly combined.

Sixth, the installation of all-glass curved wall showcases is difficult, in the installation process, DG sent a professional installation team to the customer site for installation.

If you are worried that your ideas and designs about jewelry display showcases cannot be realized, welcome to contact DG Display Showcase, we can not only customize your exclusive design plan according to your store style and brand concept but also land your ideas perfectly.

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