High-End Luxury Brand Jewelry Showcase Project In Bahrain

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High-End Luxury Brand Jewelry Showcase Project In Bahrain



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This brand is a name synonymous with the pearl industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As an exclusive dealer with over 40 years of experience, Brand Jewelry currently operates 38 international diamond jewelry brands and famous watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Bvlgari, Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Hermes, etc. Brand Jewelry adheres to the philosophy of "Nothing can compare to the luxury of pearls". With the concept of "nothing can compare to the luxury of pearls", Brand Jewelry has continuously launched a large number of beautiful pearl jewelry with gorgeous designs for royalty, the middle class, and fashion people. It can be said that each piece of Brand Jewelry is an heirloom worth preserving for generations. Today, Brand Jewelry has 8 stores in Bahrain, in Al A'ali Mall and Moda Mall, and participates in many jewelry exhibitions around the world.

Main products: Pearls, watches, natural Bahraini pearls, 21k carat jewelry, diamonds, filigree settings, jade, red coral, bracelets, rings, long tassel necklaces, pearl bracelets, 18k gold set pearls, 21k gold set pearls, sapphires, amethyst, topaz, citrine, emeralds

Products we supplied: glass jewelry display showcase, glass jewelry boutique showcase, jewelry high showcase, jewelry corner showcase, watch display showcase, jewelry front showcase, jewelry vitrine display showcase, jewelry island display showcase, jewelry curved display showcase, jewelry wall showcase, jewelry upright showcase, VIP jewelry display showcase, jewelry props, jewelry experience table, sofa, coffee table, checkout counter, small mirror, light box, picture frame, ceiling light, carpet, logo

Services we supplied: Design, Decoration, Production, Transportation, Installation

In March 2018, DG Display Showcase had the honor to reach business cooperation with a client in Bahrain through the recommendation of the clients we had worked with in the past. During the preliminary communication, we learned that the client's stores are located in high-end shopping malls and opened with internationally renowned high-end brands and luxury brands. Due to business expansion, the client wanted to open a new fourth jewelry brand store that would enhance the brand image and customer experience, surpass its peers, and increase sales. In the process of cooperation, DG Display Showcase also encountered some difficulties. Because the client was a family-owned company, DG display showcase had to communicate with the client, and the person who was responsible for communicating with the client often changed, a question needs to be repeatedly, resulting in very slow progress of the entire project in the early stage. In order to reduce the repetitive reporting in communication, DG display showcase integrated their opinions and communicated with them together through video conference, during which the problems raised by each person were recorded one by one to facilitate the formulation of corresponding solutions later, thus improving the efficiency of both parties. Combined with the customer's concerns, DG Display Showcase team, according to the graphic plan provided by the customer, for the customer's brand image, store design and layout, lighting effects, display case production details, and other desired effects and functions, we from the proposal to the effect design, the whole 2 months of time grinding and program modification, finally developed a set of highly recognizable and exquisite fashion program for the customer.

Secondly, our customers' requirements for part of the showcase are high-end woodcraft production and hardware combination, especially the height of the wall showcase is particularly high, if the overall design layout of the store is not accurate grasp, it is easy to pull down the whole store grade. DG display showcase combines the dimensions measured by customers on-site, and with our own 23 years of experience in making wall showcases, it precisely controls the splicing between wood and hardware, wall showcases and wall showcases. In addition, we have obtained the international authoritative ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, so we are extremely strict in the selection of materials. In the production process, DG display showcase strictly follows the customer's needs and carefully controls every detail, whether it is the selection of wood, the beauty of lighting, or the convenience of the use of display showcases, we are all well thought out for our customers, helping them optimize and improve the overall brand image.

After the production was completed, we assisted the client with transportation services. When the goods arrived at the client's store, our professional installation team was already in place. After 7 days of reasonable team arrangement, effective division of labor, and professional installation techniques, from showcase assembly, equipment debugging, and function testing to the final perfect landing completion. Combined with the wide corridor of the shopping center, cool marble interior, and glass dome, the high-end brand store created by DG display showcase for the client instantly presents a dazzling and luxurious feeling. The overall layout of the space with wooden display showcases not only did not lower the brand's class but also the overall atmosphere of the store was in line with the high-end and young brand positioning. The client also mentioned at that time: as he showed the visual effect to his team in the store, everyone was very excited to see it, and they got more consumers' attention with the brand image upgrade, which was a shock that he did not experience in the first three jewelry stores at all. DG Display Showcase is also very grateful for the trust and support of Bahrain high-end luxury jewelry clients. We will always adhere to the concept of careful service, with the most professional service attitude, the highest quality and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG Display Showcase.

In this project cooperation, the customer is very concerned about the effect of high gloss display case and transportation packaging, DG display showcase experienced craft masters are strictly in accordance with the production standards, surface treatment and edges seamless splicing, and paint surface to achieve smooth and flat, in order to achieve the effect of high-end products. At the same time, because the delivery period is relatively short, DG Display Showcase also attaches great importance to arranging transportation for customers. In order to prevent the products from being damaged by external forces, we use the fully enclosed international wooden box packaging. Although the transportation is by air, DG Display Showcase has designated loading masters to guide the space arrangement of jewelry showcases when loading the goods, so as to help customers save time and safety when unloading the trucks.

In addition, we also introduce you 3 kinds of common transport packaging to solve the problem of your showcase breakage in transport:.

1. Counter all-round soft packaging. Because the jewelry display showcases packaging materials involved in corner protection, pearl cotton, wrap film, foam, etc. Each kind of packaging materials on the jewelry display showcase packaging and protection are very important, corner protection is mainly to prevent the showcase degree collision. Pearl cotton is to prevent the showcase surface collision, winding film to make the whole package tighter, and not easy to fall off. Foam is to buffer the stress of the glass, plays a role in protecting the glass, so the packaging must not be afraid of trouble, saving costs, must be all-round protection, to ensure the safe arrival of jewelry display showcases.

2. Fully enclosed plywood wooden box packaging. Jewelry showcase most commonly used is ultra-clear tempered glass, in the transportation process is also the most prone to damage, at this time, the use of a traditional wooden frame is unable to completely protect the glass, if not pay attention to the up and down, it is easy to collision cracking or missing corners, etc.. The use of fully enclosed plywood wooden box packaging, and multiple jewelry display cabinets packed in a box, can increase the weight of the box to prevent the collapse of the transit process.

3. Delivery by special car. As we all know, take LTL logistics delivery transit many times and high transport risk, so in the case of a large number of goods, we mostly recommend the choice of special car delivery, when the number of goods, LTL logistics transportation costs, and special car transportation costs are not much different, may be higher than the cost of special car transportation. However, special truck transportation has only one loading and unloading of goods, which greatly reduces the risk of transportation.

Well, this introduction is here, We hope that through this project you can gain something, if you have a demand for display showcases, you can directly contact DG display showcases. Mobile /Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86 13610079233 or +86 13822140043

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