India high-end jewelry chain brand showcase customization project

Do you know what the most popular jewelry showcase looks like in 2023?

India high-end jewelry chain brand showcase customization project


Project Briefing and Building Overview: An outspoken brand, deeply rooted in the thriving spirit, India high-end Jewelers has grown by leaps and bounds by building trust, reliability, and quality in the minds of its customers over the years; currently, the brand employs over 650 dedicated employees to serve its customers. The company has introduced some of the most renowned international jewelry brands such as Rishta, Kingly, Indo-Italian, Purusham, Platinum, and Sajdhaj ke; with this and continued customer love, India high-end Jewelers is today the leading retail jewelry brand in Gujarat.

Main products: Diamonds, Gemstones, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Antique jewelry

Products we supplied: Door head design, Jewelry front showcase, Jewelry island showcase, Jewelry curved showcase, Jewelry wall showcase, Jewelry upright showcase, Jewelry props, Soft outfit series (jewelry experience table, cashier desk, small mirror, ceiling light, logo)

Services we supplied: Design, Proofing, Production, Transportation, Installation, After-sales maintenance and repair

In March 2022, DG display showcase cooperated with India high-end Jewelers, a high jewelry brand from India. Through the preliminary communication with the Indian client, the client learned that we have rich experience in doing high-end jewelry display showcase customization mainly through market information and other aspects. They mentioned that due to the expansion of their business, the sub-brand of their head office planned to open a new branch that could reflect the brand elements and let the sub-brand have its own characteristics, DG Display Showcase learned from the communication with the client that the client was not clear about the style of the brand design, and at the same time the client wanted to do a huge amount of store display, the average daily number of people entering the store reached 1500. Based on DG display case's 23 years of project experience, this kind of store, which requires a large display volume, attaches great importance to the convenience of picking up and placing products. And considering that it was the client's first time to work with us, they might be worried about whether our design concept would match their ideas. In order to reduce the client's worries, DG Display Showcase team integrated the client's ideas and concerns, and optimized and upgraded the design in terms of display capacity and customer experience according to the space of the client's store.

The client was very pleased with the results of the design, and after seeing the first set of designs, he felt that DG Display Showcase was able to understand their needs and therefore recognized our professionalism. After more than 2 months of cooperation and optimization, we finally designed a very marketing-oriented space design for the client. When the plan was produced, DG display showcase's factory masters, with their exquisite craftsmanship and control of details, strictly followed the ISO9001 production standards for each display showcase and soft outfit series to make the products beautiful, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

After the completion of the production, considering that the customer is not skilled in installation, we specially arranged a professional assembly master to simulate the installation for the customer, so that the customer can proceed smoothly in the installation process. DG display showcase provides design, construction, transportation, and installation for Indian high-end jewelry chain stores. In this process, we have successfully created a new high-end chain store for our customers. Through the customer's feedback, we can see that the image of the whole store is very high-end atmosphere. Now that the store has been open for more than half a year, the client said that the store design and display showcase design were excellent, which not only helped them to improve the image of the store, but also expanded their brand influence, even if the customers need to wait in the store because of the peak season, they are not in a hurry, and the soft outfit series provided by DG display showcase gives a very comfortable experience. DG Display Showcase would like to thank our Indian high-end jewelry customers for their trust and support. We always adhere to the concept of service with heart and soul, and provide the best guidance and recommendation to every customer who comes to DG Display Showcase with the most professional service attitude and the highest quality and efficient work efficiency.

In this cooperation, we provide Indian customers with jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high showcases, jewelry front showcases, jewelry island showcases, etc. At the same time, we also bring you to know the following common display showcases:

1. Boutique cabinets. Refers to the display cabinets that can be used for individual display of products, with high requirements for lighting and glass, which can highlight the uniqueness of the products and also improve the exposure of jewelry.

2. High showcase. Also called back showcase, in the display showcase production height of about 140 cm above the display showcase is collectively referred to as high showcase, the need for both sides of the product display called double-sided case, against the wall and called back cabinet, customers can increase the length of the display cabinet according to the size of the jewelry store arbitrarily.

3. Low showcase. Refers to the production and high cabinet similar, but the height is generally not more than 120 cm display cabinet, according to the jewelry store needs to do back cabinet and double-sided cabinet.

4. Front showcase. Refers to the specifications of about 100 cm jewelry display cabinet, the front cabinet glass cover selection of tempered ultra-clear glass.

5. Corner showcase. Refers to the horizontal and vertical two rows of front cabinets that need to intersect when the production of corner transition showcase, glass cover than the front cabinet high, can have a representative brand of jewelry for separate display.

6. Island showcase. Also called Island frame, refers to the display cabinet placed in the middle of the store for product display, display image is relatively weak, generally through the counter and light to show;

Of course, each display case also has different design styles, if you fancy DG Display Showcase any display case, you can find the corresponding picture to contact us, we will match your design concept and store style to the most suitable for your project.

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