How to Make Your Shop Design Shout

In the designs of many shopping malls counters and display showcase, great efforts are needed to make just for the purpose to make the clients feel satisfied.Just thinking about whether the mall kiosk and the display showcase design is able to restore to the original idea or not? In this regard ,it is really critical to make good planning and implementation for entrepreneurs!


Mall showcase props are not only the major carrier for the mall to show the products, but also constitute the main framework of the mall space vision. Different commodities have different form and function of showcase props. Shopping mall showcase props and the pros and cons of the design, it will directly affect the sale of merchandises and the brand image of the corporation. In recent years, the props of mall display showcase has made significant development and progress, mainly due to the market competition tends to be more mature, enterprises pay more attention to brand image.However,looking at all department stores or shopping showcase props design and production,most of manufacturers have discrepancy with the international standards.This mainly due to the lack of overall planning of showcase design for mall showcase and put forward the professional standard requirements. This problem is because of the shortage of our professional business design firm and lack of talents in this industry, as well as commercial enterprises lack of specific guidance of the professional company in the design and planning of the mall renovation.

Thus there are a larger proportion ofimitationin mall decoration planning and showcase design, and the designer company lack of systematic professional understanding and research on the operation of shopping centers, management,internal demand of marketing.As a result,it lead to the homogenization of the visual space of many shopping malls.In addition,the showcase and props lack of practical, artistic, economic, security and user-friendly functional requirements. Degree  Furniture International Inc. have 13 years of design and manufacturing experience and research for commercial display showcase and mall kiosks,and there are enormous numbers of satisfied clients and the successful cases dealing with clients all over the world.


The need for design communication and planning.No matter the operator or a decorative design company,it is required to make fully communicate the concept and objectives of their demand in the process of showcase or display rack designing. Full communication is a necessary prerequisite for the design of showcase, also indispensible.Without sufficient communication to reach a consensus,it will have some defects in the originality, practicality, security, culture, human nature of showcase design.


1) Both sides should be very clear and confirm the intention of showcase design and special requirements,so as to establish the consensus of design concept.

2) Design company should fully understand the meaning of a business or a brand features: that is, the consumer demand of the corporate culture: VI, CI, VIS and the target customer behavior, psychology, preferences, career motivation elements; price of the product, style, appearance, color and function,and provide the creative design basis of showcase design ideas.

3) Detailed site exploration and investigation to the make a research to the operator,and make a knowledge of environment characteristics of mall space location and building structures, facilities . This can contribute to provide the design foundation of taking advantage of plane and space for the display of goods effectly and to attract customers and to set up the brand image.


4) Study together with the operator about the design features and brand image of surrounding showcase that next to you and refer and compare to the characteristics of design creative ideas  to see whether they are harmony (theme color, light intensity and color temperature), and whether have the visual impact.And also put forward the suggestive programs that associated with display showcase. 

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