Good museum showcase display design refreshes creativity and innovation

As the most direct protector of cultural relics, museums not only need to be practical, but also need to be aesthetic to meet the changing needs of the audience and cultural relic protection. The continuous pursuit of perfection in showcase materials, technological innovation and craftsmanship, and the continuous transcendence of functions are The inexhaustible power of showcase innovation is also the eternal theme of the functional development of museum showcases.

As an important part of display design, museum showcases have attracted more and more attention from exhibition designers and showcase manufacturers. In the design and use of display cabinets, only by understanding the display requirements of specific cultural relics and conducting a comprehensive review of the architectural space environment of the display cabinet and the space required for cultural relics can the display capabilities be brought into play. The design of showcases calls for creativity and innovation. The appearance must not only echo the exhibition layout, but also reflect the value of cultural relics and keep the audience fresh in their memory.

A good museum showcase display design needs to have the following characteristics:

1. Coordination: The appearance of the showcase, the use of materials, and the configuration of lighting should be based on the style and characteristics of the exhibits, so that the showcase can be integrated into the exhibition environment, be as invisible as possible, and highlight the exhibits.

2. Durability: Ensure that the exhibition hall structure will not change significantly after long-term use in the indoor environment.

3. Safety: The steel frame structure is used to ensure the reliability of the overall structure, and the materials meet anti-theft standards.

4. Operability: The design of the display cabinet promotes good operability while protecting cultural relics. Each display cabinet can be operated independently by one person.

5. Environmental protection: Use environmentally friendly materials to ensure that the exhibits will not be damaged due to chemical reactions in the showcase. The backboard of the display cabinet, the flat panel of the booth, and the textile lining must be made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surface layer must be flame-retardant.

6. Lighting control performance: Meet the requirements of the "Museum Lighting Design Specifications", create an atmosphere, highlight exhibits, and take into account the lighting of auxiliary items. Conceal the light point, adjust the illumination and angle, and filter infrared light, ultraviolet light and heat to prevent damage to exhibits.

7. Environmental control performance: The display cabinet should have good sealing performance and can realize functions such as constant temperature and humidity control, oxygen-free small environment, air filtration and Ethernet-based environmental data monitoring as required.

The aesthetic function of the showcase is an important factor in achieving the display design effect. The style of the showcase should be designed according to the type, size, color, characteristics and exhibition hall space of the cultural relics, so that the charm of the cultural relics can be highlighted. A tailor-made showcase is extremely important. As a manufacturer of display cabinets, DG Display Showcase has a one-stop display cabinet customization team. If you have more inquiries about display cabinets, please feel free to contact us!

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