Matters showcase products to buy lamps should pay attention

Whether it is the purchase of commercial or home lighting fixtures, lamps should first look at identification, such as brand, model, rated voltage, rated power. Marker lamps security is the safety performance of the basic requirements, which rated power is particularly important if you choose the lamp power beyond the standard, it may cause deformation of the casing, insulation damage and other problems.


National standards require the use of wire on the fixture smallest cross-sectional area of not less than 0.5mm, the use of wire cross-sectional area is less than this standard, it is possible to make the wire burned, burned insulation and cause a short circuit, resulting in danger.


The lamp body is large, ornate chandelier shape is often the user's preferred villa lamps. Purchase should be concerned about whether its structure and material bearing bracket commensurate with the weight of the lamp, the structural support should be adapted to the shape of the lamp, the various parts of the force uniform, cross-sectional area of the bracket member should be sufficient to support the weight of the various parts of lamps and lighting total weight.


Lamps, electronic ballasts should have abnormal protection, abnormal protection means that when an abnormal state fluorescence lines when the protection afforded, mobile security allows electronic ballasts still work. For such an abnormal state, the electronic ballast circuit should be protected to prevent damage to electronic components.


Air bag lamp is way to sell parts, not by factory inspection lamps. Mainly as follows: 1, only the shell lamps, lighting accessories such as ballasts, wires and so on to part ways with use in the field for the match; 2, is not marked on the lamp housing production plant, once the quality dispute, there is no production units the quality of the product is responsible; 3, the most common of the air bag is ceiling lighting, in addition to the purchase of the lamp housing needs with ballast, lamp holders, starter and wires and other parts.


1 fixture styles

According to the mobile phone display cabinets survey, the first to buy the lamp body according to the different body styles. For example modern style, it is suitable to use some combination of stainless steel and glass grinding notes lamps. European and American traditional style, suitable for use on a number of lines such as Rococo, metal coated toner lamps. Where possible, living room, dining room and master bedroom lamps with a style of choice. Alternatively, living room and dining room to keep the same style, and the master bedroom lamps use another style.


2 bulb type


Now two major types of incandescent household light bulbs and energy-saving lamps. Is the use of incandescent tungsten wire or other conductive heating principle works, Secheng light yellow (color of the sun). Energy-saving lamps is the use of the principle of operation of the gas discharge, its technique called self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, in addition to white (cold) outside, there is still yellow (warm light). However, some of the above current market prices high, quality not how, if you choose properly, are often not saving money section problem.


3 lamps for later


Optional lamp flower is very spiritual, before going to buy, be sure to do all the neck warm-up operation, as we learned in childhood gymnastics broadcast method, a turn of the head. Otherwise you buying lights came back hurt. Buy lights to see more, it is best to select professional lighting market. Many shops only a few manufacturers of specific business models, so the only way is to look at. The professional lighting market because the style is concentrated, so you save little more spirit, and the price is also a comparative.

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