How To Make Your Jewelry Display Cabinet Look Luxury?

1.The Color Of Showcase


The color design of jewelry showcase is supposed to be simple. If the color change is too much then the  consumer are prone to cause the visual fatigue and can not achieve the effect of highlighting the major points. Using the standard color of the company logo and its approximate color can solve the above problem very easily. The iconic color design have the highly accuracy and simplicity. In terms of the accuracy, the selection of color for logo is the most rigorous in all art forms and must conform to the properties of the enterprise products.Different products have different characteristics and need to use the different colors to reflect or express itself.In terms of simplicity, another principle of logo color chosen for jewelry showcase is conciseness,just like clothes matching, the same is generally not more than three colors. Harmonious color makes a positive, clear, easy, pleasant atmosphere; In the contrary  discordant colors makes people feel negative, depression, fatigue and heavy.


2. Visual Effects:

Modern showcase design, based on the similarities in the visual behavior, jewelry showcase design should introduce many principles of planar formation, dimensional construction and color composition, and formed a relatively complete design principles and rules in the jewelry showcase design practice.The purpose of the jewelry showcase design is to enable consumers to receive information most effectively in the limited time and space. Therefore, the jewelry display cabinet design is about how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activities. Except for the display environment design,the design of the form of display objects are also the important content of the jewelry display cabinet design.Therefore,except for researching the the ordinary fundamental laws of the space design.The visual physiology and the psychological process of the researcher is the basic premise of the display cabinet design. So the design of the showcase should make the customers feel utmost comfortable and natural.Research people viewing the exhibition objects visual physiological and psychological process is the basic premise of the jewelry showcase design, showcase design should make the big limit customers looked comfortable, very natural.


 3.Showcase Lighting:

Halogen lamp have great power consumption and delivery the warm yellow light while the LED have small power consumption with the cool white light.So first of all,you need to choose according to your requirement of the light and color. Jewelry display cabinet lighting design first come from the top of the light source. The inside of most jewelry display cabinets adopt the fluorescent lamp lighting to enhance the overall brightness. In addition,both corners of the counter front can install more cold light spotlights and LED lights as a supplementary light source to enhance the dimensional sense of the jewelry. Especially for the jewelry display cabinet, reflecting diamond unique the angular texture which inspire the customer to buy through the corner spotlights or LED light irradiation.Due to the commodities of the jewelry store are expensive and noble,and need to highlight the effect of crystal and the dazzling effect which can even set off the noble quality, simplicity, elegance of the jewelry.After all,what attracts the attention of customers are the jewelries other than any else accessories. The top halogen lamp and the spotlight are the major light source.While the mall kiosk layout improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area through the lighting lamp.


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