International standards and certifications for museum showcases

Contemporary museum exhibitions are no longer limited to simply displaying cultural relics, but more integrated with education, entertainment and interactive elements, bringing a rich experience to the audience. In this diverse context, museum showcases have become an important part of the exhibition, which not only needs to meet the needs of protecting cultural relics, but also integrates with the exhibition theme and audience interaction. In order to ensure the success of museum exhibitions, a series of showcase standards and certification systems have gradually been formed internationally.

International Standards and Certification Systems

Globally, the design and manufacture of museum showcases is guided by a series of international standards to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of the showcases. Among them, the ISO 16918:2015 standard is an important guidance document that provides detailed guidance for the design, manufacturing and installation of showcases, covering all aspects of showcases, such as material selection, anti-theft design, temperature and humidity control, etc.

In addition, some countries and regions have also developed their own standards for museum showcases, such as the European EN 15285 standard and the American ANSI NIST-ITL standard. These standards are developed to ensure that showcases can meet certain quality standards in different cultures and environments and to protect cultural relics from damage.

When it comes to obtaining certification, some authoritative organizations evaluate museum display cases to ensure they meet international standards. For example, the Museums Association in the UK assesses showcases to confirm their compliance with display, conservation and sustainability aspects.

DG Display Showcase’s Commitments and Practices

As a manufacturer of museum showcases, DG Display Showcase has been committed to following international standards and certification requirements to provide high-quality showcase solutions for museums and exhibitions. We know that showcases are not only a display tool, but also a technical challenge for the protection and display of cultural relics. Therefore, we always regard the design and manufacturing of showcases as a professional art, and strive to create a better exhibition experience while protecting cultural relics.

The DG Display Showcase team has rich experience and professional knowledge and is able to provide customized showcase solutions based on different exhibition needs and cultural relic characteristics. We pay close attention to updates and changes in international standards to ensure that our showcases always comply with the latest industry standards and best practices.

In the field of museum exhibitions, the importance of museum showcases cannot be ignored. By following international standards and certification systems, we can ensure that museum showcases play a greater role in protecting cultural relics and enhancing the exhibition experience. DG Display Showcase will continue to be committed to providing high-quality, standard-compliant showcase solutions for museums and contributing to the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage.

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