Display Your Items With Counter Top Display

There are counters in nearly every type of shop and retail unit and counter displays are very practical for displaying the more expensive or smaller products available from these outlets. They can also be very useful for trying to sell those tiny items that are found near the tills that a customer didn't come into the shop for but are tempted to purchase once they see them there. There are a whole host of these display types to pick from.

You must keep in mind the sort of message you are trying to convey to your customer when selecting shop displays. For example you could use cardboard easel type displays that look great in the right surroundings and are comparatively cheap to have personalized graphics printed onto as well. They are great for short-term style promotions and have the added advantage that they can be saved for another time.

Display cases made of glass are an attractive addition to counter tops. For displaying jewellery, watches or anything that is vulnerable to thieves or liable to be touched or manhandled, a glass display case is a great solution. Display cases of this type can be obtained with wooden edging, with locks or can even be totally glass made. Another durable but less expensive option would be acrylic boxes. Deciding on which particular type of glass display case is needed very much depends on the product, or style of product being sold and also the type of customer being targeted.

If a lot of similar types of items are being sold, then a spinner rack could be the answer. These come in acrylic or metal, which are probably the most common varieties available. They give your customers a hands-on experience with the product and are great for a high sale impact, while also having the advantage of being at eye level when used on top of a counter. Common items routinely displayed in these kinds of racks are jewellery, sunglasses and chains. They are usually very sturdy and have the ability of lasting for many years as long as you choose a good, high-quality rack. Do not forget to consider the overall weight of the display to ensure that tipping over will not be a problem and to also place the heavier objects at the bottom of the spinner rack to make it sturdier. If space is at a premium on the counter top, a pedestal display or spinner racks that free stand on the shop floor could be the answer.

Finally, here is a small marketing tip. Try and display gift cards near the till on a display rack- that is if your shop uses them. By doing this it will help increase your potential sales and market your shop at the same time to more customers. Displaying business cards, brochures and promotional leaflets also gives the counter a less cluttered look as well has having the same effect.
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