The mainstream opening way of museum showcases - intelligent opening

The development of museum showcases to today has crossed several stages, from the simple glass cover when cultural relics were exhibited and displayed before to the wooden museum showcases and then to the current smart museum showcases, every progress of museum showcases is inseparable from the figure of science and technology. With the increasing number of cultural relics in this world, the types are becoming more and more complex, and the dimensions of cultural relics are also different, which makes the museum need larger museum showcases when carrying out cultural relics exhibition activities. Due to the excessive quality of large museum showcases, museum staff in the routine inspection and maintenance of cultural relics, there will be a museum showcases a person is difficult to open the problem, which undoubtedly increases the workload of museum staff, affecting the efficiency of staff inspection and maintenance of cultural relics, and the museum showcases intelligent automatic opening system came into being.

Museum showcase intelligent opening system

The main structure of the intelligent opening of the museum showcase includes: axle, track, driver, receiver, sensor, central processor, power supply, remote controller. The use of special connection lines to use circuit connection related technologies to connect the internal devices in these systems to form the basic framework of the museum showcase intelligent opening system.

Installation and operation of museum showcase intelligent opening system

1: The museum showcase intelligent opening system is installed inside the museum showcase, and it is necessary to check whether these facilities are firmly fixed;

2: The sequence of signal transmission of the intelligent open system of the museum showcase is: remote controller -- receiver -- central processing unit -- driver -- sensor -- central processing unit -- driver;

3: The remote controller and the receiver signal docking, each receiver and the remote controller are connected using a different band, so that each signal sent by the remote controller has and only one receiver can be recognized;

4: After receiving the signal, the receiver transmits the signal to the central processor, and after processing by the central processor, the open signal is transmitted to the driver, the driver is opened, so that the museum showcase glass moves along the predetermined track, the museum showcase glass moves to the predetermined position, and the sensor placed in the predetermined position changes the signal to the central processor. The central processing unit then transmits the braking signal to the thruster, which stops working and the museum display glass stops moving. This is the whole process of intelligent opening of museum showcases.

Application of intelligent opening system of museum showcase

With the maturity of the intelligent opening system of the museum showcase, it is not only applied in the large museum showcase on the market, but also applied in the interior of the medium-sized museum showcase, such as the museum flat showcase, the museum double-sided glass case, and some small museum showcases, such as the museum island showcase. The way of opening each kind of museum showcase is also different, the museum along the wall showcase is generally two ways: automatic opening, automatic opening on both sides of the translation; Museum flat showcase, automatic lifting open type; Museum double-sided glass display, automatic opening, side automatic opening; Museum island showcase, automatic lift open; Museum niches, stretch open.

The intelligent opening of the museum showcase has now become the mainstream of the museum showcase market, its emergence greatly reduces the work of the museum staff, solves the staff's troubles for the opening of the museum showcase, makes the museum staff can put more energy in the inspection and maintenance of cultural relics, and creates more value for the museum management and society. DG Display Showcase is dedicated to the manufacture of museum showcases, which can meet the needs of various collections. If you are interested in the showcase, you can contact DG.

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