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A display cabinet must feature the products in the best light. This can greatly affect sales revenue over a long period of time. A study should look appropriate, but we can make the products easy to see. Glass doors or glass top can be optional but fragile or expensive items usually require this protection. Be sure to design a study that complements the product. For example, building a cabinet with ornate trim work or carving if fine porcelain appear in it.

1.Measure the allowable space limit for the display cabinet.Figure out the appropriate length, width and height of the housing, and make sure that goes well with the surrounding environment .. Make sure to check that the vents in the floor, electrical outlets and lighting fixtures that can get in the way. Try to move any obstacles before beginning to make a display cabinet.


2.Select producing materials. There is no doubt that you will need high-quality wood. You need to install safety glass on the front door or a special glass cover on the housing of the flat table? Go to the many choices of how to use wood instead of metal shelving rack and chipboard rather than  plywood backing. Sketch the basic shape of the cabinet and figure how much material you will need to buy. Buying ready-made glass door fronts if the rack will require closing the door.


3.Draw a construction project in details. Use a simple plan to fit the components together. Find out brackets, joints and wood trim required. Make sure that the installation process is clear to you before you start working on the case. Please note that it is often time-consuming to take a large closet next to move it elsewhere. Creating a project plan using screws or bolts that make taking a cabinet next to the relatively easy.


4.Draw your intended final version of the display case to see how the product will fit. Plan to install the heavier items on the lower shelves, if possible, in order to protect consumers if something should fall. Sketch gaps on the shelves in the closet for clothing items, artwork and home improvement products, for example. Figuring out the best way to put lights in the closet, so it will light up the goods well.


5.Plan to how to deal with the cabinet surface. Use paint or stain to complement the product, clear finish will be lighter colored items stand out on the shelves. Finish Case with high quality stain or wood shelves are used to display antique dishes or covers. Line shelves with fine fabric or vinyl to small parts stand out visually.

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