Elements that must be considered in cultural relic protection and showcase design and installation technology

Cultural relic protection and showcase design and installation technology have always been the focus of DG display showcase. We know that cultural relics are witnesses of history and precious heritage that inherits culture. Therefore, when designing and producing each showcase, we always adopt a high sense of responsibility and a rigorous attitude to ensure that the cultural relics are best protected and presented.

The following are the elements we must consider in cultural relic protection and showcase design and installation technology:

1. Environmental control: Temperature and humidity control are crucial factors in showcase design. Stable environmental conditions can prevent cultural relics from becoming damp, moldy, or damaged by temperature changes.

2. Light management: For sensitive cultural relics, too strong light can cause color fading or surface deterioration. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the lighting system rationally and choose LED lamps with low light intensity.

3. Material selection: We select high-quality materials, such as low-acid-alkali glass, professional display wood, etc., to ensure the stability of the showcase and the best protection of cultural relics.

4. Protective design: Based on the characteristics and size of cultural relics, we design protective measures to avoid damage to cultural relics from external factors, such as dust, foreign objects, etc.

5. Installation technology: We have an experienced and skilled installation team. They will take into account the weight, size and display needs of the cultural relics during the installation of the showcases to ensure that each cultural relic can be properly placed.

6. Customized design: Based on the characteristics of different cultural relics, we provide customized design solutions to ensure that each cultural relic can get the best presentation effect.

7. Care and maintenance: DG display showcase is committed to providing a complete set of maintenance solutions to ensure that the showcase remains in the best condition for a long time and provides lasting protection for cultural relics.

In general, cultural relic protection and showcase design and installation technology are fields that require a high degree of professional knowledge and meticulous craftsmanship. We firmly believe that only by integrating these elements can we make a positive contribution to the protection and inheritance of cultural relics.

DG display showcase will continue to adhere to the concept of "protecting inheritance and respecting history", designing and producing the best showcase for each cultural relic, and presenting you with an appropriate, professional and trustworthy protection plan.

Thank you for your trust and support in DG display showcase!

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