How to choose the right lock for your showcase

As an important tool for businesses to display their products, the security of display cabinets is of great concern. The engineers at DG Showcase say that there are four types of locks available on the market: mechanical locks, electronic locks, fingerprint locks and remote control locks. We will then introduce the features of each type of lock in detail to help you choose the most suitable lock for your showcase.


1. Mechanical locks

The mechanical lock is the most traditional type of showcase lock. It uses a key to switch the lock on and off and does not require a power supply. Because of its simplicity and low cost, it is still widely used in many merchants' showcases. However, the security of mechanical locks is relatively low as the key can be copied and imitated. In addition, mechanical locks are slow to open, which can easily result in queuing situations.


2. Electronic locks

Electronic locks work using a power supply and they are unlocked by means of a magnetic card or a code. Electronic locks have the advantages of fast opening speed and high security. In addition, the electronic lock can also be set up in a special way, for example, different cards can be set up with different permissions, making it easier to manage. However, electronic locks require regular battery replacement, otherwise the locks do not work properly and are also prone to electronic failures.


3. Fingerprint locks

A fingerprint lock is a high-tech lock whose most important feature is that the user can unlock the lock with his or her own fingerprint. Fingerprint locks can avoid the use of passwords or cards may be stolen by others, greatly enhancing the security of the showcase. In addition, fingerprint locks are extremely fast to unlock, taking only a few seconds to complete. However, fingerprint locks are relatively expensive and do not suit every merchant's budget.


4. Remote control locks

The remote control lock is the latest type of showcase lock. It works using a wireless network and allows the user to open the lock remotely from a terminal device such as a mobile phone or computer. Remote control locks have the advantages of very fast opening speed, high security and easy operation, but need to ensure the stability and reliability of the network, otherwise there may be remote operation failure.


According to the above introduction, we can find that each different type of lock differs in terms of security. Traditional mechanical locks are easy to use, but are vulnerable to lock picking and other invasive means of attack and have relatively low security. Electronic locks, on the other hand, use digital codes, fingerprint recognition and other technologies, which are relatively more secure and reliable. However, it should be noted that if the use of electronic locks, must ensure that its password security, to avoid theft of password.


In addition, for the need for frequent switching of display cabinets, it is recommended to choose electronic locks or fingerprint locks. Electronic locks are very easy to use and can be opened by simply swiping a card or entering a password. Fingerprint locks are more efficient and can be unlocked by reading fingerprints, which is not only safe but also very fast.


Of course, if you need to achieve the function of remote unlocking, you can consider using a smart remote control lock. The lock can be unlocked remotely by means of remote control such as a mobile phone APP, which is very convenient. However, it should be noted that intelligent remote control locks may also have the risk of being hacked, so special attention needs to be paid to network security issues.


In short, when choosing a showcase lock, you need to choose according to the actual needs, weighing up the security of the lock, ease of use, unlocking speed and other factors. When buying locks, it is also important to choose reliable quality and well-known brands to avoid buying low-quality counterfeit products that bring risks to the safety of display cabinets.


As a display case manufacturer, DG display showcase has been committed to providing high quality display cases and related accessories to escort our customers' display needs. We offer a wide range of different types of display case locks to help customers choose the right one for their exhibits. We also offer a customized service, tailoring our display cabinets to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, when choosing display cabinets and locks, you must carefully consider various factors and choose the right products to safeguard the safety of exhibits and display effects, while also adding colour to your own brand image and corporate image.

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