Natural history museum showcase design principles

Due to the rapid development of display technology and modern science and technology, the showcases of the Museum of Natural History have made great breakthroughs in technology. They have developed to emphasize the micro-environment control of the showcases, requiring temperature and temperature control according to different categories of exhibits, as well as lighting. Control, harmful gas control, and adopt anti-theft, anti-shock and other technical prevention measures. All controls implemented on the showcases can be controlled remotely via the network. The design of natural museum showcases should follow three basic principles, namely, artistic, scientific and safety principles.

  1. 1.Artistic principles. The showcase is an important part of the exhibition hall environment and must be beautiful; the showcase must also provide the best viewing angle and viewing distance for the audience. Therefore, the showcase needs to be artistic. Design the form of the display according to the outline of the display content. During the form design process, a natural specimen display design plan is formulated according to the size, dimensions, material, and exhibition conditions of the exhibited specimens, and a showcase display plan is designed on this basis.

2. Scientific principles. High-quality specimen showcase facilities that can effectively control the quality of the microenvironment are the key technology to achieve "a cultural relic preservation environment based on clean and safe concepts." Using the concept of "transparent protection", we design exhibition cabinets according to the requirements of the warehouse. The showcases used by professional museum showcase production companies must technically comply with national standards and the requirements of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In terms of materials, sealing structure, opening method, locking mechanism, lighting system, control technology, testing and evaluation, beautification and decoration, module design, etc., various opening methods, professional lighting, high sealing structure and other aspects of showcase quality are provided. Improve solutions. Integrating the application of passive control materials, active circulation purification, ultra-low oxygen preservation, wireless sensor monitoring and other technologies, a variety of specimen preservation micro-environment control showcase systems are formed.

3. Safety Principles. Showcases are the most direct safety barrier for natural specimens in the exhibition hall. The shell of the showcase should protect the exhibits from natural damage or man-made destruction to ensure that the exhibits are always in a safe state. Natural damage includes the harm of rapid temperature changes, radiation from sunlight, air pollutants, bites from insects, snakes and rats, mold reproduction, earthquakes, various pollutants floating in the exhibition hall, harmful substances emitted from materials inside the showcase, and emissions from display lighting. Harmful light (ultraviolet and photothermal), etc. Man-made damage includes man-made collisions, theft and damage, etc. Whether it is damage caused by natural factors or man-made factors, we must try our best to prevent it, and the showcase needs to provide a good exhibition hall storage environment.

The safety of exhibition cabinets is mainly reflected in two aspects: the safety of the showcase itself and the protection and safety of exhibits. The protection and safety of exhibits includes fire protection, waterproofing, dustproof, and theft prevention. The backboard of the showcase, the flat panel of the booth, and the textile lining should be flame-retardant on the surface layer to make them fire-proof.

With the continuous emergence of new technologies and new materials for showcases in natural history museums, there are also higher standards for showcase production. Modern natural history museum showcases should effectively protect, scientifically display, and present art. The design of showcases should strictly follow the principles of artistry, science, and safety. DG Display Showcase meets the new needs of all walks of life for natural specimen display and promotes the continuous development of museum facilities.

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