How to display jewelry to attract customers

The principle of jewelry display is to make it easy for customers to see, easy for customers to select, and easy for customers to buy. According to the customer's purchase psychology, the customer must go through the stage of touching the product before making a purchase decision. Therefore, this requires the merchant to pay attention to the display and performance of the product, but also must consider the shape of the product display and the development of display appliances that meet the customer's vision. In addition, in order to attract customers to buy, the following issues must be considered.

1. Is the placement of goods thematically prominent?

2. The display position and display form of new products and pop-ups.

3. The display form of series products

4. Is the display of goods and labels clear and neat?

5. Is the display prop neat and clean?

Next, we introduce several common display composition rules.

1. Contrast display. It refers to the color, texture and style of the goods, or in the design of composition, lighting, decoration, props, display cabinets, the use of booths, the use of contrasting design, the contrast between the display objects, to achieve the main and secondary, the display effect of mutual support, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting brand products, new products, series of products, unique products, promotional products or patented products and other major product brands. The characteristics are: strong contrast, prominent center, obvious visual effect, so that the goods being displayed greatly enhance the expressive and infectious power.

2. Repeat display. The same goods, decorations and other display subjects or logos, advertising, etc., in a certain range or on different displays repeatedly, through repeated emphasis and suggestive means to strengthen the customer's visual perception of the goods or brand. The characteristics are: the customer is repeatedly visual impact, so that in the feeling and impression of multiple reinforcement, and "the product is the only choice" implied effect, can make a very deep impression on customers.

3. Object display. Its meaning is: by highlighting the function and characteristics of the product, or the use of advertising, props and mobile scenery means to emphasize the product's target customers, so that the display and publicity has a clear goal, and can strengthen communication with customers, help to improve the affinity with customers, to arouse customer interest and good feeling role. Features are: clear objectives, prominent themes, strong iconic, focused influence, so that customers have a sense of belonging and a sense of intimacy.

4. Hierarchical display. Is the same point of sale of different goods, the same brand of different products and different consumer needs, in accordance with - - - a certain classification method, divided into levels of sequential placement, so that customers can quickly determine their own purchase goals, convenient and quick to choose and buy. For example, it can be divided into: fashion products, best-selling products and long-selling products: high-grade products, mid-range products and low-grade products: series products, complete sets of products and single products: main products, supporting products and clothing accessories and so on. Features:Clear classification, distinctive main and secondary, prominent logo, can attract different types of customers, convenient for customers to compare and choose, and easy to create a warm atmosphere.

5. Scene display. Is the use of goods, accessories, backgrounds and lighting, etc., together constitute different seasons, different living spaces, different natural environments and different artistic moods and other scenes, giving people a very strong feeling of life. Pay attention to the embodiment of a sense of reality and the creation of mood and atmosphere, and to emphasize artistry and innovation, so that people are both inspired and aesthetic enjoyment, but also a sense of immersion. At the same time, vividly and imaginatively explain the use and characteristics of clothing products, so as to play a guiding role for customers.

We hope these common display rules can help you, if you have any related questions, please feel free to consult DG display showcase.

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