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The Handling in the Production of Solid Wooden Display Cabinets

1. Dry

Wood have the features of porous, easy to absorb water and drainage, and is characterized by shrinkage when dry and swelling while wet, which caused the coating blistering, cracking and sticking back,therefore,new wood needs to be dried to a moisture content of 8%-12% and then it can blister coating. The drying methods have the naturally dry by airing and low-temperature drying.


2. Deburring

Planed or polished wooden surface, but there always remain some lignocellulosic residues do not completely detached from the surface, once they absorb moisture or solvent and get wetting ,they will expand and erect to be hand scraping, and affect the uniformity of surface painting,left the coated layer left obvious white spots.Therefore,make sure to remove the burr coating before vanishing. For those ordinary woodwork,it is okay to make several times of polishing. And for those senior wood products can refer to the following tips:

   (1) Brush on a thin shellac on the surface (shellac: alcohol = 1:71:8), only in this way this bur will not only can erect,and it is very easy to clean byscrubs.


   (2) Use the wetting clean cloth to wipe the surface just in order to make the burr absorbing water to swell and erect, until the surface is dry and polished with fine sandpaper. Such as adding some bone glue in water,then the effect would be the better.


   (3) Adopt the fire method, which uses brush to make a thin layer of alcohol immediately with the fire igniting. And make the harden burr become crisp and easy to clean by scrubs, this method is only applicable to treat with plane.


3. Remove Stain

The surface of wooden products which is soiled by gumstreaks,you can use sandpaper to polish it, and then scrub with cotton yarn dipped in gasoline, if it is still can not clean,you can use the carpenter plane to clean the surface.

4. Wipe Off The Turpentine

Most of coniferous wood contain turpentine.There are oil of turpentine and rosin in turpentine, their existence may affect the adhesive ability of the coating and uniformity of color. In the case of high temperature,the turpentine will overflow from the timber which lead to the tacky coating. The commonly use method to clear turpentine is to wash with an organic solvent, such as washing with alcohol, turpentine oil, gasoline, toluene, and acetone, etc.you can also adopt the caustic cleaning solution of caustic soda range from 4% - 6% sodium carbonate solution,or use rosin saponification, and then get the brush or sponge dipped in hot water to scrub and clean it. Until the surface is clean, brush 12 shellac to the cleaning parts to prevent the turpentine to bleedout from the wood inner layer.

5. Bleach

Many wood contains natural pigments, such as mulberry wood, red sandalwood have the yellow, purple and red pigment.Wood pigment is sometimes necessary to retain in order to play a decorative role,if the wood products need to paint in pale color or paint any color has nothing to do with the original material color,the surface of white embryo of wood products should be bleached. Under normal circumstances, often make the bleaching treatment in the darker color of the partial surface to make the wood surface look similar to the coating color before.

6. Dyeing

In order to get a beautiful texture,uniform color of wood surface,the wood products generally need dyeing. Wood dyeing can generally be divided into color dyeing and debauchery dyeing two kinds. Color is dye solution,debauchery is dye alcohol solution. Water had prepared the acidic dyes, the function of  powder and black, powder is consists of several acid dyes mixes. When using color staining, moisture volatilizes slower, dyeing uniformity, and the price is low, easy to use.

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