What preliminary work is needed for museum exhibition design?

Exhibition design is crucial to the success of a museum display. Before an exhibition begins, the design team must complete a significant amount of preliminary work to ensure success. Here are some of the tasks that need to be done:


1. Review the theme and objectives: The first step in exhibition design is to review the theme and objectives. This includes identifying the exhibition theme, target audience, and expected educational outcomes.

2. Understand the collection: It is important to understand the collection before designing an exhibition. This includes understanding the history, cultural and artistic value of each exhibit, as well as their production, maintenance, and display requirements.

3. Develop an exhibition plan: The exhibition plan should include exhibition content, exhibition format, exhibition time and location, exhibition space layout and installation, and more.

4. Determine the exhibition budget: The exhibition budget should include all expenses such as exhibition space rental, exhibit transportation, exhibition design, decoration, and insurance. Budget limitations must be taken into consideration while creating the exhibition plan.

5. Recruit the exhibition team: Exhibition design requires a professional exhibition team, including exhibition planning, design, production, and installation. Experienced team members need to be recruited, ensuring that they can complete the work within the time and budget constraints.

6. Determine the exhibition storyline: Exhibition design should revolve around a clear storyline. The exhibition storyline should be attractive, logical, and visual, so that the audience can immerse themselves in it.

7. Determine the exhibition display format: The exhibition display format should match the theme and objectives. This includes selecting suitable exhibits, display techniques, and display methods.

8. Determine the exhibition interactive elements: Adding interactive elements to the exhibition can help the audience better understand the exhibition theme. This includes interactive displays, multimedia technology, and physical demonstrations.

9. Determine the exhibition identification and promotion: Exhibition identification and promotion need to be designed before the exhibition. This includes exhibition posters, exhibition manuals, exhibition websites, and social media promotions.


The preliminary work for exhibition design is very important, as it ensures the success of the exhibition. Through careful planning and preparation, the exhibition design team can ensure that the exhibition attracts audiences, communicates information, and achieves the expected educational outcomes. Furthermore, by following the steps of preliminary work for exhibition design, the design team can better control the exhibition's budget, time, and quality, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the exhibition.


Once the exhibition design team has completed the preliminary work, they can begin the exhibition design and production. The exhibition design should match the theme and objectives, while also considering the audience's needs and interests. The exhibition design should include exhibition space layout, exhibit selection and display, exhibition interactive elements, exhibition identification and promotion, and more.


Finally, the exhibition design team should test the effectiveness of the exhibition design and production. They can invite some audiences to visit the exhibition, collect feedback and suggestions, and improve the exhibition. Through repeated testing and improvement, the design team can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the exhibition, and provide a high-quality audience experience during the exhibition.

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