The notes when transporting display showcase

Transporting display cases is a crucial part of the process as they are subjected to various challenges such as bumps, vibrations and temperature changes during transportation. If it is not carefully, the exhibit inside the display showcase may be damaged, which will have a negative impact on the display and the value of the exhibit itself.


Therefore, the following are a few considerations to keep in mind when transporting display showcases:

1. Choose the appropriate mode of transport: there are various ways of transporting display showcases, such as land transport, air transport, sea transport, etc.. Choose the appropriate mode of transport can reduce the risk of transport, and to ensure that the display showcase and its exhibits get safe transport.

2. Choice of packaging materials: display showcases need packaging materials to protect and reduce the damage caused by vibration or collision to the display showcases. In the packaging showcase, you can use foam board, bubble film, thick cardboard and other materials for packaging, so that the gap between the showcase and the packaging material is as small as possible, and to ensure that the showcase will not move or shake in the transport process.

3. Ensure that the showcase is stable: when transporting the showcase, the showcase should be tightened and its structure strengthened to ensure its stability and safety. Pallets or pallets can be used to secure the cabinets in vehicles or cargo holds.

4. Pay attention to the ambient temperature: when transporting display showcase, special attention needs to be paid to the ambient temperature. If the display case contains exhibits with special requirements, such as artwork or cultural relics, it needs to be kept at a suitable temperature and humidity during transport to avoid damage to it.

5. Avoid vibration and collision in transportation: exhibits in the display showcase are very sensitive to vibration and collision. During transportation, you should avoid sudden brakes, bumps or other situations that may cause vibration or collision.

6. Check the display showcase regularly: During transport of the display showcase, the display showcase and the exhibits within it should be checked regularly. If any damage or other problems are found, they need to be repaired or dealt with in a timely manner.


These are just a few of the important things to note when transporting display cabinets. By following these precautions, you can ensure that the display case and the exhibits within it are given maximum protection during transportation and that they arrive intact at their destination.

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