Using Display Space to Draw in Clients

As an important tool for businesses to display their goods, the design of the display case can directly affect the customer's purchase decision. Therefore, a good showcase design not only needs to be beautiful and generous, but also needs to take into account the practicality and customer experience. Space design when the display cabinet design is a vital part of. A reasonable use of space can not only display more products, but also allow customers to have a better shopping experience, thus increasing sales. The following are some space design tips that can help you design a better showcase: 

  1. 1.Use the sense of hierarchy. The products inside the display case are classified into different categories, colors or values, which can make the interior of the display case produce a rich sense of hierarchy and thus better attract the attention of customers. For example, placing similar products on the same level of display will allow customers to compare different options more directly and thus make decisions more easily.

2. Use the light inside the display case. Light is a part of the showcase design that cannot be ignored. Through different angles and intensity of lighting design, you can make the display of goods more prominent, so as to better attract the attention of customers. For example, shining the light on the higher value goods can make them more eye-catching, thus increasing their sales volume.

3. Use the depth and height of the display case. By designing showcases with different heights and depths, you can make the goods in the showcase pop in more. Such as the high value of the product in the core display area of the showcase, you can make him more eye-catching, thereby increasing sales. In addition, by putting different depth of the display cabinet together, you can make the display cabinet more hierarchical, so as to better attract the attention of customers.

4. Use the space outside the showcase. Display case design is not only limited to the interior of the display case, the space outside the display case is also important. For example, in front of the display cabinet set some small display cabinets. In addition, this display case outside set some decorative objects or paintings, can make the display case more eye-catching.

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