Analysis of influencing factors on showcases

1.Safety: The need to prevent theft and damage is the most direct aspect of "security." As the last line of defense, your display showcases must be up to the task. The strength of the materials is obviously crucial, as well as the reliability of locks and resistance of opening mechanisms. Various electronic sensors connected to alarms can provide further protection. Our showcases are highly reliable in prioritizing safety, safeguarding some of the world's most famous art and cultural treasures – the Mona Lisa, jewels on crowns, Dead Sea Scrolls. Therefore, no matter what level of security you require, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide assistance.

2.Lighting: Proper lighting is of paramount importance, and we never underestimate its significance. It determines how visitors perceive, understand, and interpret what they see. However, as guardians of some of humanity's greatest achievements, we must exercise caution. Without proper care, understanding, and attention, lighting may impact preventive conservation by emitting ultraviolet or infrared radiation and raising the temperature inside the showcases, causing damage. Like many aspects of our work, this is a delicate and finely calibrated balancing act. We use fiber optics and LED lighting (sometimes a combination of both) to ensure extremely low (sometimes zero) emissions of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. We also give considerable thought to the precise positioning of lights within the case. We ensure the safety of your artifacts while showcasing them in the way they deserve.

3.Interior Decoration: Interior decoration achieves its purpose quietly, sometimes even invisibly. It should not draw attention to itself, but that doesn't mean we don't devote time and effort to get it just right. We can never offer a standard menu for interior decoration. The tools and possibilities at our disposal are endless. We work with you to determine how to display the case's contents and how to tell their story. We are drawn to formal simplicity and understated elegance, but we continually explore every possible solution in our minds, creating 3D models and prototypes until we arrive at the perfect answer. We believe that every detail matters.

4.Maintenance: We aim to provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of the showcases, offering practical assistance along with our expertise, knowledge, and skills. You can accurately choose the type of service you need through three different options:

- Our maintenance service provides ongoing practical support.

- Our performance upgrade service allows you to benefit from our ever-evolving technology.

- Our cloud-based monitoring service equips you with the tools needed to optimize performance and maintain control.

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