The spatial layout of the jewelry store design is closely related to the three spaces

A good jewelry store layout serves as a guide for customers, making it easier for them to select and purchase products. The layout of a jewelry store should take into account many aspects, such as the size of the space, the location of the aisles, the category of jewelry, the arrangement of lights, the size of the jewelry showcases, etc.

The spatial layout of a jewelry store is complex and diverse. It is necessary to have a rough plan first and divide different areas according to proportions. But in fact, it is just the result of changes in the combination of three spaces, which are closely related to the spatial layout of the jewelry store design.

1. The product space has various options such as box type, platform type, rack type, etc. Jewelry merchants can choose according to specific needs.

2. Personnel space refers to the place where salespeople receive customers and work. There are two forms: separate and integrated.

3. Customer space refers to the place where customers visit, select and purchase goods. Depending on the product, it can be divided into three forms: outside the store, inside the store and a combination of inside and outside the store.

The three spaces can be organically combined according to the quantity, type and sales method of the products, thus forming four forms of jewelry store space layout.

1. Contact space layout, the product space is adjacent to the street, customers purchase products on the street, and clerks provide services in the store. Customers and clerks are separated through the product space.

2. Contact space layout with narrow space for clerks. This type of space layout is a traditional store format. There is no space for customers to move. Customers contact, select and purchase goods with clerks on the roadside. This space layout is suitable for jewelry stores selling low-priced goods, convenience goods and daily necessities.

3. The clerk has a wide space and a contact-type space layout. This spatial layout also places customers outside the store, and the clerk contacts them through the counter. The difference from the contact type with a narrow space for clerks is that the clerks have a large space for activities. Its characteristics are as follows: the clerk has a wide space for activities, customers move outside the store, and the goods are placed in the store. This spatial layout allows store clerks to keep an appropriate distance from the products, allowing customers to choose products freely without feeling pressured or wary.

4.Closed space layout, the product space, customer space and clerk space are all in the store, and the product space separates the customer space and clerk space. It's actually open-shelf sales. This type may have a certain space for clerks, or it may not have a specific space for clerks. In a closed store, the behavior of clerks plays an important role in sales. A good atmosphere can attract people's attention, relieve awkward atmosphere, and use the environment to increase customers' purchasing interest.

To sum up, the purpose of the spatial display layout designed by jewelry stores is to allow customers to be able to see at a glance the style, design and grade of jewelry products, so as to attract customers' attention, so that customers can see what they want at a glance, stimulate their desire to buy, and promote sales. Jewelry showcase as a display of jewelry props play a great role, a good jewelry showcase will attract more customers into the store can bring a huge boost to the sales of jewelry. DG showcase not only provides practicality, but also can bring you a different shopping experience. DG customized services from the initial communication to the final installation are followed by a professional team.

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