Chinese style jewelry store design, experience the classical charm of jewelry display

The new Chinese style design concept is mainly practical. Integrating the advantages of Chinese elements and modern design, its essence is based on the simple and restrained style as a starting point, with a modern sense of new design, so that the jewelry store has a classical and modern charm, so that the jewelry store has both classical and modern charm. DG will then tell you about the design features of new Chinese jewelry stores.

1. Cultural artistic conception. New Chinese style is based on traditional Chinese classical culture as the background, to create a full of Chinese romantic atmosphere of the display space, such as mahogany, blue and white porcelain, purple clay teapots and some handicrafts and ornaments reflect the rich Oriental beauty, which is the new Chinese style and other styles different. This minimalist style not only never goes out of style, but also radiates a charming Oriental charm over time.

2. The sense of spatial hierarchy. The new Chinese style has a strong sense of space hierarchy. In the place where you need to isolate your sight, you can use Chinese screens or window frames, Chinese wooden doors, craft partitions, and simple Chinese "antique shelves" to show the beauty of Chinese space levels through this new way of separation. Secondly, the antique atmosphere is particularly elegant, but also highlights the charm of jewelry. Then on the basis of some simple shapes, add Chinese elements to enrich the space content, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, stylish but not depressing.

3. The lines are simple and strong. New Chinese style space decoration uses simple and hard straight lines. The use of linear decoration in the space not only reflects the simple spirit of modern people, but also caters to the pursuit of restrained and rustic design style of Chinese showcase, making "new Chinese style" more practical and more modern.

4. The color is mainly dark. The new Chinese style display cases are mostly dark colors, and the wall color matching is based on black, white and gray, and the second is based on black, white and gray with imperial red, yellow, blue and green as local colors. The Chinese style is very similar to the Japanese style, both like to use wood furniture and decorations, but the Chinese style likes to use mahogany wood, the color is darker, while the Japanese style is lighter.

The jewelry display space is spacious and atmospheric, the traditional cultural elements can be seen everywhere, the wooden jewelry display case, the traditional partition screen, all reveal a strong Chinese flavor, the simple and elegant mahogany combined with the texture of modern stainless steel materials, maintain the Chinese symmetry, in order to modern aesthetics and functional needs, to create a jewelry display space full of classical charm. DG is looking forward to providing you with excellent store design solutions to help your brand achieve greater success! If you have any questions about store design or other needs, please feel free to contact our professional team. Thank you for your trust and support of DG Display Showcase!

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