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How to Make Store Fitting Displays

As a store owner, you already know how important it is to have the perfect display fixtures for showcasing your merchandise; however, do you know what to do with those fixtures once they're no longer of use to you?

If you ever find yourself with display fixtures you can no longer use or no longer want to use for showcasing merchandise, consider the three solutions listed below.

1. Make the Most of Your Display Fixtures' Versatility

There are many different kinds of display tools with more uses than one. When you think your fixtures have reached the end of their line, stop and think about the other kinds of merchandise you can display in them.

For example, you can use mini bin display racks attached to your slatwall display fixture or on your countertop. Gumball machines are great for holding gumballs, but you can also fill them with other snacks like trail mix or with small children's toys like bouncy balls. Clear plastic containers you once used to hold unwrapped candy are also great for holding travel-sized hygiene products or small convenience items like miniature sewing kits or eyeglass repair kits.

2. Turn Your Display Fixtures Into Storage Fixtures

Once you no longer need your display fixtures to showcase merchandise, you can use them to organize and store items behind the scenes.

For example:

Use clear plastic containers and acrylic bins to organize and store small items like sale price stickers, pens and markers, and other small display tools like rolls of tape, screws, bolts, and tacks.
Use fixed-position or rolling display racks to store clothes items that need to hang but aren't ready for floor display yet, or for holding containers you're using as storage tools. (How you use your display racks depends entirely on the kind of racks you have and the kinds of merchandise you sell.)
3. Donate Your Display Fixtures

If you no longer need your display fixtures (for example, if you're remodeling or redecorating your store, or you're moving locations and need to lighten your load), and you've decided there are no other uses for them within your establishment, the next best thing to do is donate or sell your fixtures to other businesses or organizations.

Consider these ideas:

If you know of any new businesses in the area, or have heard there will be a new start up business coming soon, contact the owner and find out if he or she is looking for a few discount (or free!) display fixtures.
If your store has a large window area, consider moving your display fixtures close to the windows and placing "For Sale" signs on them.
If your store has a sizeable enough sidewalk area, dedicate an evening to holding a sale.
Contact local charities or other nonprofit organizations to ask if they need any display fixtures. This works out especially well for organizations such as the Salvation Army and churches that frequently sell or donate items to people in need and need ways to display them.
Donating or selling your old display tools not only helps out other businesses and organizations, but it also helps keep these items out of landfills, which is great for the environment!
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