DG display showcase daily morning meeting activities

Concerned about DG display showcase must all know that it is the tradition of DG display showcase to conduct morning meeting every Monday. Today is June 5, 2017, the first morning meeting in June of the summer. The theme of today's morning meeting is unity is success, and the game also has a loud name - the pearl in the hand.

Although it was hot outside, the enthusiasm of every member of DG display showcase was no less than the summer temperature in Guangzhou. For DG display showcase, the morning meeting is the start of each member's week, and only with a full state of mind can we serve each of our customers better.

Although the two hosts of today's morning meeting were both first-time hosts, they did a very good job in terms of process, spirit, and control. Because every member of DG display showcase is an all-around talent, not only excellent in work, but also in speech hosting.Today's mini-game divided all members into 4 groups. Each small team members in a row, the first person with the DG brochure catch the ball and rotate 2 circles, which can not use hands or any part of the body to touch the ball, the ball smoothly passed to the next partner, the penultimate partner is responsible for throwing the ball to the last partner after the circle. Time limit of 3 minutes, the last partner received the most number of balls for the champion team.

Seemingly a small game, if the team does not lay out the personnel in advance, according to each person's strengths to arrange the position, the team will be far from success. But every member of DG display showcase is a layout master, so in just 3 minutes, 4 teams competed fiercely, and finally the first team won the other 3 teams with only 1 more ball to become the champion team of the morning meeting game.

Since its establishment, DG display showcase not only pays attention to the design, production and research and development of the display case itself, but also pays great attention to creating a healthy, excellent and positive corporate culture. For DG display showcase, the morning meeting is not only to improve the spirit of team members, but also to enhance the cohesion of the team and create an excellent corporate culture. Excellent corporate culture not only has a strong attraction for employees, but also for partners such as customers, suppliers, consumers and the general public, and there is no customer who is not willing to cooperate with a better company. If you have any needs and doubts on display cases, welcome to contact us.

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