From design to production, understand the production process and quality assurance of museum showcases

As a professional showcase manufacturer, DG Display Showcase is well aware of the importance of museum showcases in the protection and display of cultural relics. In our manufacturing process, every link has been carefully designed and strictly controlled to ensure that the quality and function of the showcase can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Below is an overview of the manufacturing process of our showcases:

1. Project requirements analysis: After communicating with the client, our team will carefully understand the exhibition requirements of the museum, including cultural relics type, size, quantity, display method, environmental requirements, etc.

2. Showcase design: Our design team formulates a showcase design plan based on the information and requirements provided by customers. The design scheme takes into account the characteristics and preservation needs of cultural relics, while combining aesthetics and functionality to ensure that the showcase can best display cultural relics.

3. Material selection and procurement: After the design is confirmed, we will select appropriate materials, including high-quality metal, glass, wood, etc., and conduct strict quality inspections to ensure that all materials meet relevant standards and requirements.

4. Manufacturing technology: Our manufacturing team adopts advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, such as CNC cutting, automatic welding, etc., to ensure that the structure of the showcase is stable and high precision.

5. Surface treatment: The surface treatment of the showcase includes spraying, chrome plating, polishing, etc. to improve the aesthetics and durability of the showcase.

6. Glass processing: We use specially treated glass, such as UV-resistant glass, tempered glass, etc., to protect cultural relics from light and environmental influences.

7. Assembling and debugging: All components are assembled after manufacturing, and undergo strict debugging and testing to ensure the function and safety of the showcase.

8. Quality inspection: During the manufacturing process of the showcase, we will conduct multiple quality inspections, including structural strength testing, environmental control system testing, etc., to ensure that the showcase meets relevant quality standards.

9. Installation and delivery: After passing the quality inspection, the showcase will be installed on-site by a professional installation team, and guidance and training will be provided.

10. After-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including regular maintenance, repairs, etc., to ensure that the showcase is kept in the best condition during use.

In DG Display Showcase, we uphold the craftsman spirit of excellence, adhere to customer demand-oriented, and provide customers with high-quality showcase products and services. We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement, and constantly pursue higher standards and quality for the manufacturing process and quality assurance of museum showcases.

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