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Optimizing museum exhibit display should start from what kind of aspects?

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Project Briefing and Building Overview:The Macao Museum, located in the Civic and Municipal Affairs Building, is built on a background of prosperous and long history. The museum exhibits are simple, dignified and atmospheric, with a unique cultural taste, modern architecture and comprehensive artistic style. The Macao Museum is primarily a nature museum, fully expressing and casting the personality of the entire biological museum. It is mainly an institution that collects, produces and displays astronomical, geological, botanical, animal, paleontological and human specimens of historical significance for scientific research and cultural education. DG, the leading brand of display case customization, was appointed by the Macao Museum as the supplier for the project.

Products we supplied:Museum lift stand-alone cabinet, museum corner cabinet, museum desktop cabinet, museum along the wall cabinet

Services we supplied:Optimized design, production, transportation, on-site installation, maintenance and repair

The Macau Museum was established in 1998, more than 20 years ago, and this project is mainly for the renovation of some areas in the museum. The Macau Museum is a government project, so in the early, we were very careful in choosing the museum display case supplier. The client first had a comprehensive understanding of our DG display showcase on the internet and contacted us. They introduced the background of the project and requirements to us for the first time and also provided a full set of plans and drawings for the Macau Museum design and asked if we could make it come true. After receiving our positive reply and the budget and related technical parameters, we made a visit to the museum. During the visit, we led a total of 5 people from the Macao Museum, engineers and designers to visit DG display showcase's marketing center, showroom, and production workshop, and made a brief introduction to the Macao Museum team about the previous cooperation projects.

Perfect cooperation cannot be achieved without an understanding of both sides. After visiting DG display showcase, Macao Museum also launched an invitation to us, hoping our team could arrive at the museum site for inspection. After arriving at the site, the person in charge, designers, and engineers of both sides had a fierce discussion on the actual plan provided by the museum and combined with the actual situation of the site. This cooperation project area mainly displays plant and animal specimens, with two characteristics of large volume and easy corrosion. For the irregular area in the museum, DG display showcase suggested using museum corner cabinets to make the overall space layout more reasonable and thus improve the space utilization; meanwhile, constant temperature and humidity machines were installed for each display showcase to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the display showcase can be controlled within a reasonable range to reduce unnecessary damage to the exhibits.

The museum embodies history and culture, local conditions and customs, and natural science for a city or a region, is to show the window of civilization, to bring people the most intuitive feeling. The museum itself should be through the audience pleasing exhibition, with real physical evidence, vivid form to bring people to the real historical background, so that the audience see the relics can understand the history society of the show of museum. The museum through the auxiliary exhibits and characters, the introduction of modern scientific and technological achievements, such as sound, light, electricity, sand table, models, etc., to give the viewer a sense of immersion.

The DG display showcase is designed by the theme of the Macao Museum and the size and color of the exhibits, with corresponding shapes, sizes, textures and colors of the display cases, opening methods, booths, and lighting.

The design and opening method of display cabinets is based on different sizes of animal and plant specimens with different museum display case styles, such as museum lift freestanding cabinets, museum corner cabinets, museum countertop cabinets, and museum along the wall cabinets. Display cabinets must also be made of special materials, each display cabinet has its own unique system and was used for bulletproof glass. The average person is unable to open these cabinets to ensure that the entire design of the display cabinet is safe and effective and that such measures can protect the safety of cultural relics.

For the collocation of the exhibition stand, we based on the form and feature of exhibition relics to design the exhibition stand. For example, the design of a trapezoidal booth for crocodile specimens and a hanging pedestal for small animal specimens, can maximize the intrinsic characteristics of the exhibits, perfectly integrate the content and form of the display, and demonstrate the personalized design of the display, making the entire museum environment more dynamic.

For lighting design, museum display lighting is also specially designed and each angle is planned in advance. The designer will take into account the placement and orientation of the display cabinet, with the most appropriate angle to display exhibits, the angle of light is also the most appropriate, such lighting can make the display look more charming, and the viewer in the viewing will be shocked by these cultural relics.

After efficient, professional, and meticulous communication with the Macao Museum in the early stage, DG display showcase stood out from more than 30 museum display case suppliers and successfully reached cooperation. After the production was completed, we also provided transportation and on-site installation services for the Macao Museum and trained the person in charge of the Macao Museum and its users on usage guidance and emergency measures. The whole project lasted for 8 months, and we also kept close contact with the Macao Museum after the completion of the project, providing annual maintenance service for the display cabinets during the 5-year warranty period to extend the service life of the museum's display cabinets. The successful completion of the project not only enhanced DG display showcase in the field of museum display case manufacturing but also contributed to the inheritance of Macau's natural history and culture. DG display showcase will also continue to improve the display case design and production technology, optimize product quality, and provide better services to our customers.

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